Hillary Clinton Finally Weighs in on Harvey Weinstein Scandal

hillary clinton harvey weinstein statement
NEW YORK - OCTOBER 25: Producer Harvey Weinstein and Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) attend the "Finding Neverland" premiere at the Brooklyn Museum October 25, 2004 in New York City. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

It’s about damn time.

At long last, Hillary has weighed in on the deepening Harvey Weinstein scandal. The failed presidential candidate put out a statement expressing her dismay over the liberal mega-producer’s behavior towards women.

But if you read the statement close enough, you’ll see that it amounts to a ho-hum nothingburger. For an advocate of women, Hillary’s words are surprisingly weak.

What kind of passive, gutless crap was that? “The behavior described by women”? What about the disgusting, perverted behavior described by virtually everyone in Hollywood, that numerous liberal celebrities were all complicit in covering up?

Hillary should be ashamed of herself. Her “statement” is empty language dashed off by an intern with little thought put into it. Remember this?

That holds true: Women should be listened to and taken seriously when claiming to be sexually assaulted. But not if you’re a victim of Harvey Weinstein apparently. Then you can have your story killed by prominent liberal celebrities who feel the desire to protect an actual sexual predator.

The rape, assault, and harassment Weinstein perpetuated for decades is unacceptable. And yet Hillary, an ostensible champion of women’s rights, palled around with him for years, even as, in the words of Jake Tapper, everyone knew this behavior was going on.

Why did it take days for Hillary to weigh in? Every single time President Trump makes a mistake or commits a gaffe, there’s Hillary, chirping away on Twitter, mocking the man she lost the White House to. It’s not like Hillary is divorced from the news cycle. She reads the papers. She knows what’s happening. Yet she waited until now to say anything?

Give. Me. A. Damn. Break.

This is the same tired brand of liberal hypocrisy we see all too often. Trump was (rightly) lampooned for bragging about using his wealth to snag women on the leaked Access Hollywood tape. All of Tinseltown had a grand old time blowing up his remarks, calling Trump a sexist pig and a misogynist. But liberal producer Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long tradition of cornering vulnerable women in hotel rooms?

Oh, that, in Hillary’s craven words, just “can’t be tolerated.” According to a lurid account published in the New Yorker today, Weinstein raped women and used his money, power, and influence to stop any and all recourse. And all of Hollywood knew this was happening!

New rule: Never, ever take elite liberals at their word when they say they care about women’s rights. Whatever moral authority they had in speaking about the issue just vanished like the careers of so many Weinstein victims after they attempted to speak out, only to have their stories snuffed out by powerful people who loyally vote Democrat.

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