Liberal megaproducer Harvey Weinstein has been fired by his company after revelations that he spent decades sexually harassing and assaulting multiple women. His reputation is getting destroyed by his actions, and conservatives are calling out the media’s double standard in not reporting on the story more. Many suspect journalists are staying quiet on the Weinstein scandal because he’s attached to dozens of left-wing politicians, including Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Remember when Hillary was all over television talking about her book and how much she wanted everyone to buy it just a few weeks ago? You couldn’t get her to stop blaming everyone for her pathetic loss. So why is she “cemetery quiet” right now?

The silence from liberals on the Weinstein revelations is deafening. I don’t think their claims about caring for women’s rights hold much water anymore. That’s especially true for Hillary, who ran an entire campaign on supporting female victims of sexual assault. So, again, why is she stone silent on this issue?

When it comes to the Democratic Party, Weinstein has been a prolific fundraiser and donor. He’s written many checks, hosted fundraisers for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and rubbed elbows with leading Democrats. Weinstein, who is credited with spotting talent in aspiring film stars, once called Obama “the Paul Newman of American presidents.”

At a 2013 gala, Michelle Obama hailed Weinstein as a “really good person,” while then-President Barack Obama thanked him for his “friendship and support.” Then they let their daughter work for the man. According to Jake Tapper, everyone in Hollywood knew about Weinstein’s behavior. How did the Obamas not know?

Hillary is too quiet these days when it comes to Weinstein. Do you think she’s hiding something? Or is she just embarrassed?

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