Is This The Funniest or Most Frightening Joke About Hillary You’ve Ever Seen?

Hillary 2016 election joke

Perish the thought – the visual is enough to make you want to Bleach Bit your own eyes.

Still, it’s a pretty funny joke.

The following meme offers a fresh take on ‘what happened’ to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election campaign, one in which she lost to Donald Trump in historically bad fashion.

In a book written by New York Times journalist Amy Chozick, Clinton’s words on election night explained exactly what she was thinking when she realized Trump had won.

“I knew it. I knew this would happen to me …” she told campaign manager Robby Mook. “They were never going to let me be president.'”

In other words, Trump and those misogynist American voters had screwed her.

Or to put it more bluntly …

Hillary 2016 election joke

Honestly, you could add just about any name into that joke and not miss a beat. After all, Clinton believes an entire laundry list of people are responsible for her getting screwed out of the presidency.

Everyone from former FBI Director James Comey, former Vice President Joe Biden, Barack Obama, to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Jill Stein, and hacker Guccifer all screwed her in her own mind.

In fact, the only name you can’t cite is her own, having never successfully looked in the mirror and identifying the one person who cost her the election.

Speaking of Hillary and sex (sorry if we ruined your breakfast), does anyone recall the time she was worried Trump was going to grope her during the debates? No? She actually alluded to this in her book ‘What Happened.’

It “was not okay,” she said of Trump’s looming presence behind her on the stage during the second town hall-style debate.

Clinton seemed to suggest that she was nervous because of concern about what he might do to her.

“Two days before, the world heard him brag about groping women,” she worried. “Now we were on a small stage and no matter where I walked, he followed me closely, staring at me, making faces.”

“He was literally breathing down my neck,” Clinton said. “My skin crawled.”

Trump certainly didn’t grope anybody that day, but he did eventually screw her out of her self-perceived rightful place in the White House.

And America is so much better for it.

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HT: The Federalist Papers

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