Cartoon Explains the Real Reason Hillary Lost the Election

cartoon hillary lost election

There are plenty of reasons Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016. Just ask her and she’ll run off a litany of excuses from misogyny, to Russia, from Joe Biden, to Bernie Sanders.

In fact, here’s a concise list compiled from her election biography, “What Happened?”

And by concise list, we mean a plethora of excuses.

Of course, the real reason Hillary was a two-time presidential loser is because of the woman she sees in the mirror every day. The one woman Americans didn’t want to see in the Oval Office.


This cartoonist however, seems to have come up with an alternative theory. She made a deal with the devil. And guess why the deal fell through …

Come on there, Lucifer … Everybody knew that already.

What would have been your first clue – the constant lying? The fact that she wanted to jab voodoo dolls of certain reporters and political opponents with pins? Perhaps it was her full-throated career support for a card-carrying former member of the KKK?

Of course, there was also that time that she helped completely fabricate the reason behind a terrorist attack that killed four Americans, then turned around and called the families of the victims out as the actual liars.

Perhaps it was frequent instances where American flags seemed to become possessed by spirits at her very presence, running to escape her path …

Or collapsing at the mere mention of her name …

Or taking a suicide dive off a campaign rally stage before she arrives …

But the surest sign that Hillary has no soul should have been these distinct features accompanying her in this photo …

Surely Satan noticed those.

What did you think of this cartoon? Does Hillary have a soul? Share your thoughts below!

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