Hey White America! This Comedian and This Actor Have a Demand for You


Comedian W. Kamau Bell would like to see white people banned from saying the words “Martin,” “Luther,” “King,” & “junior.”

Now let me have my say. Martin Luther King, Jr was twice the man these people are. He fought for civil rights not just black rights. He fought for women’s equality and rights as well. These people need to learn more about their history and heritage. Martin Luther king Jr and all the other black people in history that made a true difference are probably very disappointed with the way these people act.

Another thing, racism is not just black and white, it’s discrimination or prejudice against any race. It’s just really disgusting the way some people raise their kids to be hateful and violent or they ignore their child and let them run wild with troublemakers. This happens in all races.

Actor Mark Ruffalo put out this tweet in regards to an article from the online publication Daily Kos:

MARTIN LUTHER KING should always be talked about and never forgotten. We need to use him as a proud example to our young folks for their future. And yet you want us silenced. What a hypocrite. Don’t you want his wonderful knowledge instilled in all of our youth, instead of the hate? Is that not what he himself preached and stood for? You sirs should hang your heads in shame and be the ones to never speak his name.

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