Hey America: Why Would We Change Horses In The Middle Of Fixing This Economy?

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I do not believe in these polls that have bumbling Joe Biden beating President Donald Trump.

These polls get the result they want, common sense, and reality be damned. Trump will win in a landslide, I know it and they know it but they hope beyond hope (false hope/wishful thinking) that their polls can make a difference.


They vote on emotion. How many times have we heard someone say, “I would never marry (date) a Man like Trump! I’ll never vote for him! Ugh!”

American’s, lost touch with historical roots, vote for our nation’s leaders like they vote for the “American Idol” TV show, except in greater numbers.

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Frivolous, irresponsible, ignorant electorate. Heartbreaking to think of the sacrifices our young boys made fighting WWI and WWII to defeat what we now have in America.


If a majority votes for Joe Biden over Trump, then America is toast, and nothing can be done to save her transformation into a third world crap hole.

However, it’s not likely an American majority could vote for Biden over anyone. The man is no longer a man: he’s a basket case with fragments of talking points. Unable to finish a sentence before he forgets what he was going to say, he is little more than a pathetic provocation.

Biden merely is not going to be the nominee as the virus has him frightened, and he lacks the physical and mental stamina to engage in the long campaign to November. Try to imagine Joe campaigning around the country? He’s a dead man walking and a laughing stock.

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Those who chose Biden over Trump (aside from the apparent Marxists) care more about optics than substance., moreover, if not for the virus and trump staying out of sight, for the most part, even the optics would be a push at best.

When I unpack the nonsense, some of my friends and family believe, some do begin to open their eyes while others will raise their voice in frustration, saying, “I don’t care!” Or “just drop it, I don’t wanna argue” while others make a joke about his appearance., ironically making my point for me. I haven’t lost hope though. I’ve red-pilled two who voted for Hillary and one who voted for Johnson. You just have to be armed with information because it’s like playing whack-a-mole trying to debunk all the nonsense in their heads., and you have to be patient with them.


Most are decent people, just ill-informed. The thing they tend to say repeatedly when I get them to listen is, “ok, I didn’t know that.” You’ll know you’re on the right track to get through when you hear it three or more times in a conversation.

Considering the sustained adversity, coming from many directions, against this administration, its accomplishments in the face of such is remarkable. Why would we want to change horses mid-stream, as the saying goes? This especially when there’s not a single candidate Biden or any of those suggested who would continue to make such decisions, ones in the best interest of America, as outlined by the article.

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Everything Trump has accomplished and the fact he upholds our constitutional freedoms, rights, and liberties compared to the new, radical socialist Democratic Party who wants to put us multiple trillions more in debt, open our borders, hand our benefits to their illegals, the Dems break our laws and violate our rights. And on top of that, fundamentally transform our Republic into another failed bankrupt socialist nation.

No thank you.




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