Here’s Why Hillary Lost the Democrat Debate BIG Time!

First let me say Anderson Cooper and his whole panel ought to be fired for gross incompetence. Democratic Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s emails are an important issue.

The issue is that she was a significant security risk with Classified and Top Secret information. Cooper asked a couple of softball questions. The Democrats all accused the Republicans of partisan politics. Anderson and his crowd are too biased to ask the real issue about national security. They ought to be indicted for journalistic malpractice.

I know this might hurt some feelings, but Hillary will never, ever win. She’s a terrible candidate coming off the worst administration in the history of the United States. There is so much ammunition that will be used against her, and deservingly so (she really belongs in prison for destroying evidence in the middle of an investigation–let alone the type of evidence she destroyed and the surreptitious, corrupt, and greedy nature of why she hid these records from her state dept in the first place) that she has absolutely zero chance to win.

Democrat Debate

And let’s not forget, she’s not even “likable.” She can’t play the race card, which is the main reason Obama swindled his way into office, and she’s not a gifted speaker, debater, or even a talented con artist. With that said, I hope she does win. It will make our job easier.

Check out the Sanders “forget Hillary’s email problems” video here:

The Democrats as a whole are in a bidding war to buy votes. They buy them with other people’s money. Been that way for decades. Not the “working people’s” party anymore. It has become the transfer-payments party. They get elected by keeping the number of people depending on government high. That is why they keep the borders open and falsify the deportation numbers.

I only hope America wakes up before the November 2016 election or this country is doomed!

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