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He Lost His Mom But Three Days Later He Experienced A Huge SHOCKER!

The loss of a loved one hurts and can change the course of your life forever. Losing a parent in high school has to be one of the most tragic situations. You want your parents there through your high school years for advice and stability.

In a case of Alec Tamburri, his mother passed away on New Year’s Day. Three days later, Alec suited up for his high school basketball team. We never know how an individual will handle a stressful situation and nobody knew what Alec was going through, but then again he did not know what to expect from his school.

What happened at the game turned out to be overwhelming.

From Liftable:

On January 1, the mother of high schooler Alec Tamburri passed away. One can only imagine the pain that Alec was going through in his Lancaster, New York home.

His friends and basketball team knew of his mother’s fight with cancer and passing and reached out to Alec to offer comfort and support in any way that they could. For his teammates, that included altering their game plans for a January 4 showdown against their rival, Orchard Park.

No one expected Alec to suit up. And yet, that’s just what he did. As he told the WNY Athletics web site, missing the game was never really an option for him, “No thought in my mind that I wouldn’t play in this game. My mom had the best seat in the house.”

What his mother saw, what everyone witnessed, was a kid playing for something more than just a win. Alec put everything onto the court, leading his team with 17 points on the way to a 77-61 win. It was almost double his per game average for the season.

The entire game was a showcase of a community’s support for this family. The cheerleaders all wore gray socks and bows as a subtle sign of remembrance, and before the game, there was a moment of silence held.

Alec’s school and friends supplied that comfort he needed to keep on going. His mom’s memory was there as a beacon of strength for this young man and I applaud him and pray for him going forward.

Times will be hard and grief will set in, but his friends and family we’ll be there to comfort himAs they have already exhibited those actions.

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