He Claimed To Be A Victim Of A Hate Crime – Then Police Saw THIS!

Marcus Owens
Marcus Owens, a student at University of Iowa, claimed to have been attacked by 3 white men who were yelling racial slurs at him. As you might imagine, claims of a hate crime were met with protest and activism on campus. The only problem is that it all was a lie.

When police investigated, they found surveillance video that showed the 19-year-old was involved in THREE separate fights after 1am that he may have started himself.

Video footage shows Owens involved in a fight at Eden Lounge at 1:32 a.m. on May 1. Two minutes later, video footage shows Owens pushing and punching another person. He was removed from the bar by staff one minute later.

At 1:36 a.m., Owens attempted to re-enter the bar, but he was kept out by bar staff.

Additional video footage shows Owens being involved in another fight at Iowa Avenue and Linn Street, a short distance from Eden Lounge, at 1:41 a.m. Four minutes later, Owens was involved in a third fight, police said. Witnesses told officers Owens grabbed another subject and attempted to hit him…

Police said the fights appeared to have stemmed from disagreements involving Owens, who is a pledge member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, and a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. Both fraternities cooperated with the investigation and described the matter as an “isolated incident,” that began inside Eden Lounge, police said.

Police said a racial slur was used during the second altercation, but that alone did not meet the criteria to label the matter a hate crime.

The Gazette also reported, “Multiple witnesses told police Owens was worried about how he would explain his injuries to his family.” This seems to be motivation for the lie, to cover up his own bad behavior to his family. It was Owens’ family who encouraged him to file a police report about the incident days later and who contacted a Chicago news station with the claims of a hate crime.

However, I do have to give the family props for issuing an apology after the results of the police investigation:

To Marcus Owens’s friends, the Iowa City Community, the University of Iowa, and the Iowa City Police Department:

Marcus Owens and the entire Owens family would like to issue their deepest apologies to Marcus’s friends, the Iowa City community, the University of Iowa, and the Iowa City Police Department for the misunderstandings and anxiety stemming from Marcus’s involvement in a violent incident in downtown Iowa City on May 1. Upon learning more details of the case, and while racial slurs served to fuel the violence, Marcus now knows that his account of events was inconsistent with police findings, in part due to alcohol being involved, his embarrassment at his behavior, as well as the injuries he sustained. In light of this, it was concluded that this incident was not a hate crime as originally believed, but rather a case of excessive underage drinking and extremely poor judgment on the part of many people, Marcus included. Again, we would like to apologize and thank the University (especially President Bruce Harreld and his staff) and the Iowa City Police Department for their attention, sensitivity, diligence in investigating this matter, and in thoroughly addressing our many concerns. Just as we have learned many life-changing lessons, we hope too that the community will continue to examine the many issues raised by this unfortunate incident.

-Marcus Owens and The Owens Family

Of course they had to include that line about continuing to examine the issues raised. It kind of sounds like another infamous campus hoax – the Rolling Stone UVA rape story. To the protesters, it doesn’t matter if the story isn’t true, as long as it “raises awareness.” The ends justify the means.

Watch the incredible video of Owens lying to the media about being attacked:

So far no charges are being filed against him for lying about the hate crime, do you think he should be punished and if so what should the punishment be? Tell us in the comments below!

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