A Hawaiian Senator you’ve never heard of before named Mazie Hirono made headlines yesterday for making sexist and demeaning comments directed at the men of this country. Why? Because of Brett Kavanaugh, or something.

“I expect the men in this country and the men on this committee, because we all signed onto this letter, to demand an FBI investigation,” Hirono said of the abuse allegations against Kavanaugh, which are not within the FBI’s jurisdiction. “But really, guess who is perpetuating all of these kinds of actions? It’s the men in this country. And I just want to say to the men in this country: just shut up and step up, do the right thing for a change,” she continued. Who knew that 50% of those reading this are responsible for Kavanaugh’s alleged actions?

I explained in a separate article today just how pointless an FBI investigation would be – as when they investigated allegations of abuse against Clarence Thomas (which was in their jurisdiction, as the abuse was alleged to have occurred in federal buildings), the FBI’s investigation amounted to them collecting witness statements. Thus far, every single witness identified by Kavanaugh’s accuser has denied what she’s alleged to have occurred.

I should clarify – such an investigation would be pointless in determining the truth of the allegations. What they would serve a purpose in is delaying Kavanguh’s confirmation vote indefinitely, which is exactly what she wants to do. According to the Daily Wire, it’s Hirono’s admission of her true motives after her sexist comment that deserves your attention. “I think we’ve had those kinds of vacancies before, and we certainly had over a one-year vacancy with Merrick Garland,” Hirono said. “So the world does not come to an end because we don’t fill all of the nominees.”

In other words: yes, the goal is to delay the confirmation of Kavanaugh, and Hirono has no concern for how long that takes. Ideally, she’s like to back up the confirmation until 2020 with the hope that Trump doesn’t win re-election. At the very minimum, the goal of all Democrats is to push back the confirmation past the midterms, hoping that they can pick up an extra Senate seat or two, which could thwart Kavanaugh’s confirmation if any Republicans defect.

The same seems to be true of Kavanaugh’s accuser – who initially offered to testify about her allegations, and then went dark once actually offered the opportunity.

If Hirono wants men to simultaneously “shut up” and “step up,” perhaps the men of the Democratic Party could rise up against Keith Ellison, who has credible accusations of domestic abuse levied against him by fellow Democrat Karen Monahan. Unlike Kavanaugh, there is reportedly video evidence of the assault, and medical documents naming Ellison by name when Monahan went to the hospital in 2017. Instead of listening to Monahan, she reports that she’s been ignored and alienated by her own Party.

I guess Democrats aren’t concerned with the “War on Women” when they’re the ones leading the charge.