Here’s Why An FBI Investigation Of Kavanaugh Would Solve Nothing

Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Ford initially said she’d be willing to speak before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her allegations of sexual misconduct from the prospective Supreme Court Justice. After Republicans welcomed her to testify, Ford is behaving as if she was just called on a bluff. Before testifying, she’s now demanding a “full investigation” by the FBI before she testifies before any congressional hearing regarding the allegations pertaining to an incident 35 years ago.

Anyone who thought the goal of Ford’s allegations was simply to delay the Kavanaugh vote can practically consider themselves vindicated, as nothing would be gained by an FBI investigation.

First and foremost, the FBI had already said they would not be investigating the claims before Ford said she wouldn’t testify in absence of an FBI investigation. So she’s put herself in a “heads I win, tails you lose” situation. She can either not testify, and claim it’s because the FBI won’t investigate – or the FBI can begin an investigation, which would delay the confirmation process indefinitely. If the bogus Mueller special counsel has raged on this long without finding any evidence, how long would investigating an alleged crime 35 years ago take?

The alleged crime isn’t within the FBI’s jurisdiction, but it did occur in Maryland, which has no statute of limitations for sexual offenses, meaning she can have them open an investigation immediately. In fact, she could’ve had them open an investigation before coming forward at all. But instead of going to the police, she went to Diane Feinstein. Why? Perhaps she’s afraid of lying under oath.

Ford has donated to over 60 left-wing political groups, and to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign at least 10 times.

Now, the FBI DID investigate the allegations against Clarence Thomas, but that’s because the harassment allegedly took place on federal property at a federal agency – which the FBI does have jurisdiction over. And what did the FBI’s investigation of Thomas consist of? Simply interviewing witnesses and gathering statements – which Maryland’s police force is more than capable of doing.

And speaking of witnesses, every witness identified in Ford’s case has outright denied the allegations.

Ford claims that two men besides Kavanaugh were at the party she was allegedly assaulted at; Mark Judge and Patrick J. Smyth. Judge “strongly denied” the allegations, and Smyth also publicly came forward to “completely reject” the allegations.

What more is there to do?

Every possible witness identified has denied Ford’s story – are we to believe they’d tell the FBI anything different? Why haven’t any women at the party where the assault allegedly occurred come forward in Ford’s defense?

If these allegations were credible, why wait until the 11th hour to come forward with them? The DNC’s Chair Keith Ellison has been among those calling for Kavanaugh’s confirmation to be delayed in the wake of the allegations – when he himself has allegations of domestic abuse hanging over his head. The DNC claims to be investigating the allegations against Ellison, but it’s been over a month since they supposedly began doing that, and we’ve heard nothing. The victim, a leftist herself,  says she’s been “smeared, threatened, [and] isolated from my own party.”

Do Democrats care more about female victims or political influence? The answer seems obvious.

By Matt

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