Harris Faulkner Tears Into Marie Harf After She Complains Fox Doesn’t Focus Enough On Pandemic Deaths

Fox News Faulkner

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner scolded Democratic strategist Marie Harf after the liberal pundit took a shot at the talk show “Outnumbered” for not hyping COVID death numbers to what she views as an acceptable level.

Harf began by running defense for Democrats engaged in stifling, Draconian, and unconstitutional lockdown orders as a means to combating the pandemic.

Justifying those edicts, in her view, is the death toll from the virus.

“Yeah, I mean, we are 43 minutes into the show and we haven’t mentioned the 3,000 Americans that died yesterday, more than on 9/11 and every day for a while we are going to have that many American deaths,” the Democratic strategist said.

Faulkner did not respond kindly to the notion that her show is not sympathetic enough in their coverage of the pandemic.

“Can I just quickly say because I feel like, Marie, you took a shot there and maybe you felt like it was necessary but if you don’t think that our hearts are big enough to mourn the people we have lost during this pandemic, what exactly are you trying to say?” Faulkner shot back. “That is offensive and it is not true. It is not true!”

The Fox host then urged Harf to “keep your judgment someplace where you know you can fact-check it because you can’t see my heart.”

Two things here: One, the only reason Harf is enamored with the death rate of COVID is that in her mind it reflects poorly on President Donald Trump. She can use it as a political talking point.

How do we know that? Well, number two, deaths aren’t quite the be all end all Harf would have you believe. If it were, she’d want the show to discuss the number of abortions on a daily basis. And we’re quite certain the liberal pundit isn’t objecting to that any time soon.

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Harris Faulkner and Marie Harf Go At It Again

Faulkner and Harf have a bit of history, with the former usually getting the better of the latter in the exchanges.

In a dustup last month, Harf attempted to shame President Trump for not taking questions from the media.

“Why is Donald Trump not taking questions?” she asked without a hint of self-awareness. “He’s the one hiding in the basement now. He hasn’t taken reporter questions since the week of the election. Why isn’t he answering anyone’s questions?”

Faulkner, whose network couldn’t get President-elect Joe Biden to accept reasonable interview requests even with friendly hosts, and whose network was consistently shunned by the Obama administration, essentially told Harf to sit down and shut up.

“Our news team contacted Joe Biden’s office on a daily basis for the last couple of years!” Faulkner shot back. “Please take a seat — take several seats — on that!”

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Trouble at Fox News

Faulkner has remained a bright spot for Fox, which has been under siege from conservatives for their election coverage and reporting on fraud complaints by the President and his supporters.

She did have a bit of a hiccup back in September, drawing fire after her show cut off Newt Gingrich while he tried to accurately address left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Faulkner later offered an apology of sorts along with an explanation.

“Do we debate with fire here? Yes! But we must also give each other the space to express ourselves,” Faulkner stated. “We don’t censor on this show.”

At least she showed some level of introspection. As opposed to this uppity political hack on the same network.

Fox News has been cable news king for some time, but their behavior is creating cracks in their viewership, as evidenced by Newsmax TV scoring a historic, first-ever ratings victory over the network.

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