Fox News’ Chris Wallace Snaps At Trump Official For Not Calling Biden ‘The President-Elect’

Fox News Chris Wallace Corrects Trump Official Over Biden’s Title: ‘He’s The President-Elect, Sir’

On Sunday, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace corrected Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar after official in Donald Trump’s administration referred to Joe Biden as merely “the vice president.”

Wallace asked Azar, “If President Trump had worn a mask then and urged everyone to wear a mask then, back in April, the way Joe Biden is right now, wouldn’t we be in much better shape?”

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Wallace: ‘He’s The President-Elect, Sir’

Azar replied, “We welcome Vice President Biden to the club. Since the middle of April, the president’s guidelines have called for …”

That’s when Wallace interrupted Azar.

“He’s the president-elect, sir. He’s the president-elect,” Wallace insisted.

Azar did not directly respond to Wallace’s interjection, and instead went on to urge Americans of the importance of wearing masks. 

Azar continued, “The president has called masks patriotic acts. Every one of his top advisors says, wear your mask. We talk about the data.”

“At one meter, if two people whether masks, it can reduce viral transmission by 72%, protecting both the source and the recipient,” the Trump official added. 

Wallace Insists On Reminding Azar Again That Biden Is ‘President-Elect’

“We’ve got the data, masks work,” Azar added. “We encourage people, please wear a mask when you can’t engage in social distancing.”

Ignoring all of these points, Wallace backtracked and chastised Azar once again for failing to call Biden the “president-elect.”

“First of all, if the President-elect Joe Biden, Secretary Azar, and secondly, the fact is the president set on the first day, April 30, that he wasn’t going to wear a mask,” Wallace said.

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Wallace added, “He didn’t wear a mask in public for three months until July, and just last night at that rally in Georgia, not only didn’t he wear a mask, but I was watching the rally, thousands of people packed together, none I could see wearing a mask.”

Though various media outlets have called last month’s presidential election for Biden, Trump has continued to fight the results through legal challenges that he has filed in states all over the country. Trump has said that he believes these challenges will expose mass voter fraud that he alleges gave Biden the election win.

Wallace has long been at odds with Trump, most famously when they repeatedly went at one another when the Fox News personality moderated the first presidential debate this past fall. Clearly, there is no love lost between Wallace and Trump now. 

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