Gun Rights Triumph In Virginia, HB961 Not Moving Forward

The State Senate sends the bill to the crime commission for study until next year.

Virginia Guns

By PoliZette Staff | February 17, 2020

Gun rights advocates won a vital victory in Virginia Monday morning as four moderate Democrats in the State Senate voted with the GOP to stop the weapons ban promoted by Democrat Governor Northam and various state Democrats.

This vote has national implications, as anti-gun groups have invested time, money, and massive credibility on this issue. With a loss they will have to find another way to enact their agenda. It will not be easy because the voting public has now been awakened to their plans.

While other anti-gun legislation has passed both houses of the VA General Assembly, this was the measure that garnered the most media attention and that prompted more than 100 VA towns and counties to declare themselves “gun sanctuaries.”

The bills that have passed include gun bans in certain areas and buildings, universal background checks, and a limit on the frequency of gun purchases. But this defeat today overcomes gun control wins on those issues because the left and the Democrats made this their hill to live or die on.

They perished.

The Democrats may come to regret their gambit on this issue, as the response from pro-gun groups has been so enthusiastic in opposing HB961 that the resultant activism of the pro-gun majority could spell trouble for the Democrat presidential nominee in the fall.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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