Gun Control Group Gets Panera to Ban Guns, Now Applying Pressure To Kroger

Moms Demand Action, a gun control group funded by Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, put enough pressure on Panera so it is now refusing to allow customers to exercise their Second Amendment rights in its stores.

Now, they have set their eyes on doing the same at Kroger. The group has taken to Twitter using the hashtag #GroceriesNotGuns. The group is encouraging it’s followers to boycott Kroger until they ban firearms.

The group has had a successful strategy in getting Target, Chipotle, Starbucks, Sonic, Jack in the Box and Chili’s to also prevent customers from defending themselves in their stores.

To successfully combat this tactic, some are proposing that those respectful of Second Amendment Rights in the Constitution counter with a boycott at Kroger much like the 2012 Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.

With a self-defense shooting outside an Indianapolis Kroger last week and a recent mob attack at a Kroger in Memphis, it is wondered how banning firearms from the stores will make Customers safer.

Moms Demand Action Founder, Shannon Watts, has a history of hypocrisy. At the NRA Convention in Indianapolis, she was protesting the Second Amendment while having personal armed security.

Marine Veteran Emery Phipps lives outside of Dayton, Ohio. He is a Kroger shopper who takes his Second Amendment rights very seriously.

“Moms Demand Action is attacking gun owners, because they are an easy target for the fear they wish to perpetuate. The fact of the matter is though that the people Moms Demand Action are characterizing are breaking no laws. While they like to portray it as ‘they scare me while I’m shopping,’ the reality is when shopping at Kroger the last few days one man defended his life in Indiana with a firearm and three others were beaten unconscious in a parking lot in Memphis. My wife is a ‘Mom’ who demands nothing but that when she goes to Kroger she can carry her firearm and protect herself or our five children if need be.”

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