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Cartoon PERFECTLY Explains if Liberals Were in Charge of the American Revolution (LOL)

gun control

Lexington. Concord. These two words haunt the British to this very day.

That’s where King George tried to take away the guns of the American colonists – and it’s the spark that set off the American Revolution. The rest, they say, is history.

Or is it?

Everyday, liberals, gun-grabbers, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton tell free Americans that we need to give up our guns to be safe. They think that criminals see “No Guns Allowed” signs and head to the nearest police department to turn themselves in. They want to make America into a country where only criminals and cops have guns, and the rest of us are left like sitting ducks.

That’s why this cartoon is so perfect! Just imagine if the gun-grabbing liberals were in charge instead of Paul Revere:

gun control

On campuses across America you see far-left socialist students demanding “safe spaces” so they don’t have to hear anyone talk about things like freedom or capitalism. Do you think King George’s Redcoats would have left the Revolutionaries alone if they demanded a “safe space?”

Today’s left wants to silence free speech and take away our guns. It’s a good thing they weren’t in charge in 1776.

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