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Guatemalan Mom’s Harrowing Border Conditions At Detention Facilities Brings AOC To Tears

Yazmin Juárez described the conditions on the U.S. border with Mexico that led to the death of her 19-month-old daughter Mariee in May 2018 and that seemingly brought the emotions of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to tears.

This is not to downplay the death of a child, however, blaming President Trump, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the state of Texas, or anyone but the mother for bringing an infant on this journey is deflecting responsibility and using a scapegoat presented by the libtard nation.

Did they bring any of the doctors who cared for her to testify? They’ve all been investigated and proven to have treated her just as they would for any child brought to a doctor with those symptoms. The girl was released and the mother didn’t bring her back to a doctor for weeks. That’s not on the agency. She brought her baby on an incredibly dangerous journey and crossed the border illegally and then failed to get her daughter any medical treatment when she was released, but blames everything on the border patrol.

The story is being twisted to suit the liberals need for support for their message and the mother owes the USA two million in medical bills – so yes lets lawyer up and go to court. A little background on what went down. The child was placed in a medically induced coma. The mother told them to pull the plug and her daughter was sent home for burial. How did it get to that? A child that has been dragged thousands of miles and not cared for properly along the way arrives in a weakened and vulnerable condition regarding the immune system and general health. She is then surrounded by people who could be carrying all sorts of illnesses and she got sick. five doctors said that after reviewing what doctors at the detention centers did – they agreed that ice followed protocol for what she had at the time.

“According to Vice News, five pediatricians reviewed Mariee’s symptoms, vitals, and doctor’s notes as documented by ICE, and said that Mariee’s course of treatment was “consistent” with what they themselves would do for a toddler with her symptoms. Mariee’s virus might have killed her even if she had been transferred to a full hospital while at Dilley, they said.

However, the pediatricians said that the conditions of mass detention in prison-like facilities can cause stress and trauma, which can negatively impact a child’s recovery from such a respiratory infection.

On May 10, after Mariee had spent weeks in a medically induced coma and spent the remainder of her life at hospitals in New Jersey and Philadelphia, Juárez decided to take her daughter off life support. She sent Mariee’s body back to Guatemala to be buried with relatives. She now owes more than $2 million for Mariee’s medical fees.” [Daily Dot]


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This child could not have been perfectly healthy after this long trip and who knows how long she had symptoms. Did this start weeks before she was detained and calm down a little then spike again, or did this come on as a cough for weeks ignored by the mother until she was detained? There is zero medical care provided during this trip.

Also how long was it between being released from Texas and seeing a doctor in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? Was it a direct track right to the hospital or a doctor?

AOC should be crying. She should feel responsible for luring illegal aliens to cross the border when there is no hope for them and placing them in harms way by dangling a carrot of false hope. She should also feel responsible for blocking ALL plans that included some relief holding out in her all or nothing fashion. Pelosi did the right thing – AOC is a child that has no experience or clue.

AOC ask yourself this question – if there was a wall and this child never entered the USA illegally would she still be alive? If her mom had not traveled thousands of miles dragging an infant with her for a zero guarantee and nothing but danger followed by detention would she still be alive?

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