This Graphic Perfectly Nails the Truth about Hillary’s Events!


Pretty soon Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is going to have campaign speeches in Taco Bells.

Maybe when Hillary said nobody she meets on the campaign trail ever asks about the email scandal it’s because they simply aren’t showing up to meet her. This is grim, grim news for the former Miss Rodham.

As much as her campaign believes she can survive these scandals, it appears the scandals are deleting her crowds like they’re a bunch of emails about yoga.

Fox News’ Ed Henry tweeted out a couple pictures as well:

Governor Scott Walker said it the best when he spoke of Hillary’s dense crowds:

“Hillary Clinton’s re-launch of her campaign doesn’t change that her views are out-of-touch with mainstream America. We don’t need Washington telling us what to do; we need to build the economy from the ground up with government getting out of the way. Clinton would be a third term of Obama’s failed policies. Instead, we need new, fresh solutions,” stated Walker.

Frankly I don’t know if it’s possible for the Hillary Campaign to stop the bleeding. I think the only thing that is keeping her from leaving the campaign in complete disgrace is the enslaved Press gently shielding her while looking like they’re holding her feet to the fire.

Personally, I think Joe Biden is biding his time until Hillary hits the point of no return. He’s waiting for just that moment to ride to the rescue.

My guess is Democrat voters will flock to him if for no other reason than the sheer sense of relief that Hillary isn’t their only option.


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