GOP Writer Lowry SLAMS Trump in Very Trump-Style Outburst


National Review’s Rich Lowry made some waves on Megyn Kelly’s show when he criticized Donald Trump. Lowry made a crass remark regarding the last Republican presidential primary debate. Here is Lowry’s comment and the reaction of Megyn Kelly:

Donald Trump wasn’t having any of this. The candidate who prides himself on not being politically correct demanded an apology and an FCC fine!

Earlier, Trump sent the Club for Growth President a cease and desist letter threatening to sue the organization for launching attack ads against him highlighting Trump’s record. The Club for Growth responded that the ads will continue.

Much of Trump’s appeal is that he is not politically correct and speaks without a filter. But his reaction to criticism has some wondering how he would handle a prolonged campaign with non-stop negative ads.

What do you think about these attacks on Donald Trump? Is it fair to criticize him? Should the government get involved? Please join the discussion.

H/T: Hot Air

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