GOP NH Governor Chris Sununu Attacks Fox News as ‘Detriment to Conservatism’

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Fox News’ right-wing “echo chamber,” according to New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, is doing the GOP no favors and contributed to their lackluster showing in the 2022 midterm elections. Sununu, who is considering a presidential bid, said at a meeting of the Republican National Committee on Saturday that the party and right-wing media should work to win over independent voters.

The Undercurrent obtained audio of Sununu saying, “We can sit here and complain about George Soros all you want,” on the same day the governor appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom. He is a dreadful, awful, wicked human being. But you know what? He started investing in the 1980s to prepare for today.

“We need to begin considering the long term,” he said. “We must begin to consider those independents.”

Sununu then switched to Fox and said that he was appearing on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business program.

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Sununu Rips Fox News

Sununu said, “I went on with Cavuto this morning. “And I often communicate with Fox’s management. I said, “Look folks, you’re talking—I watched a panel debate on Fox with like four panelists and they were all literally in agreement with one another. Why are you doing that? ‘We all agree, I said.’ We would all watch the panel and nod our heads in agreement. They are having an echoing conversation. What steps are you doing to expand the team?”

Sununu continued by saying that this “echo chamber” hindered Republicans in the midterm elections. Sununu has been on Fox News and Fox Business at least a dozen times this year.

“And look,” he said. “We can all make the argument that 2022 wasn’t all that horrible. Let’s be honest about getting our butts kicked in 2022. We did. We did. We’ll all be sitting here asking, “Oh, why did we lose?’ if we run ’24 the same way we ran ’22.”

The current front-runner in the burgeoning Republican race for 2024 is former President Donald Trump. Sununu earlier said that the GOP is “moving on” from him in spite of this.

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