Mark Levin: We Need To Prepare For War With China, It’s Inevitable

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On Monday’s “Hannity,” Mark Levin stated that the United States “must prepare for war with China.”

In an opinion piece for Fox News, the host of “Life, Liberty & Levin” argued that China is eager for war with the United States. His comments were made on the third day of Chinese military exercises near Taiwan, which although autonomous, belongs to China in terms of its communist government.

He said to Sean Hannity, referring to their economic ties, “Brazil is now with China.” That is within our hemisphere. The Monroe Doctrine was something we once had. James Monroe, the fifth president, issued the Monroe Doctrine, which forbade European colonial countries from interfering in American affairs. Levin continued by comparing the modern United States to the Roman Empire.

Foreign invasions, severe economic problems, empire split, overstretching of the empire, political unrest and government corruption, erosion of traditional values, and weakening of the legions and military were among the issues he listed.

“When those things coalesced, the Roman empire was destroyed. The Roman Empire existed for a millennium. We haven’t even reached 1,000 years yet. Each of those seven or eight problems is something we are dealing with right now,” he said, going on to add that China has been bolstering its military, especially its navy.

“You believe they are constructing all of that to thwart Taiwan?” said Levin. “They’re constructing all of that to outwit us. They won’t be happy with Taiwan, I’m afraid. They are currently engaged in combat with Vietnam, the Philippines, and possibly Japan. Australia is under threat.”

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Before telling Hannity’s studio audience that the United States should get ready for combat with China, he said, “This is a big damn deal.”

“And now, let me say something that some of the viewers in this crowd and others might not want to hear,” Levin continued. “We must get ready for war with China. I don’t mean to start a battle. I don’t mean start a conflict. But they are getting ready for battle. Psychologically speaking, as a society, we are totally unprepared.”

The military’s “woke ideology” was the subject of his next complaint.

“I want to repeat it so that the backbenchers can repeat it,” Levin stated. “We need to get ready for war with China. not since we favor war, not because we intend to start a war, however, because they favor war. Only 10,000 various ways have they stated it, including by invading our air space, threatening our ships, our nation, or endangering our citizens.”

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President Joe Biden’s handling of China was criticized by Levin, who added, “It’s completely incredible! I’m done now. I’m through.”

After he finished speaking, Levin received a thunderous wave of applause from Hannity’s studio audience.

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