GOP Election Night Watch Party In Michigan Canceled Due To Alleged Threat Of Violence

GOP Election Night Watch Party In Michigan Cancelled Due To Alleged Threat
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The 2022 midterm elections have Democrats very nervous, even with the primary elections. On Tuesday night, the Michigan Republican party was forced to cancel an election night watch party after a staffer reported being allegedly threatened outside the main office in Lansing.

Police responded to the call on Tuesday morning, but whoever had made the threat was already gone. The Lansing Police Department said patrols in the area would be beefed up because of the incident.

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Scary Situation

A report from Fox News states that the anonymous GOP staff member said she was walking through the parking lot when a man approached her and began to harass her. He then threatened to burn down the building and enslave any women that were inside.

Gus Portela, a spokesman for the Michigan GOP, stated to Fox News that the party had received death threats in the past, but not anything to the extent alleged on Tuesday.

Portela continued saying, “Our building received several threats from a bystander who not only verbally assaulted a long-time female staffer but also indicated he was planning on shooting up the building and burning it down.” He added, “Our party won’t be deterred, and we will continue to work tirelessly for Republican policies despite ongoing threats. No type of violence against women should ever be tolerated.”

Portela also claimed that Michigan Democrat Party associates had made jokes about the incident, but said of them, “this is the type of politics they plan nowadays.”

The Michigan Republican Party filed a police report, but authorities have not released any more information about the incident.

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Violence is Nothing New For The Left

Advocating for violence, either in a subtle or not so subtle way, is nothing new for Democrats and the left. Back in June, a man was arrested outside of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanugh’s home with plans to assassinate him after the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. The White House was silent in condemning the assassination plot.

Also in June, prior to the first televised Jan. 6 Committee hearing, C-SPAN invited viewers to call in and discuss their thoughts on the proceedings. The rule for the day at C-SPAN was, make sure to be quick on the call dump button. Two callers phoned in to suggest that former President Donald Trump and others who had been named in the hearings be killed for any alleged roles in the Capitol riot.

And who could forget Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) whipping up a crowd of people in 2018? Encouraging them to harass anyone they might see from the Trump administration.

These are just a few of the left’s greatest hits. The list goes on and on.

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2022 Not Looking Good For Democrats

The next two years are not looking good for Democrats electorally, as many political pundits predict a clobbering on election night 2022. Joe Biden is certainly not helping his party either. A Real Clear Politics average has his job approval rating at 39.5%. The same RCP average has a whopping 72.8% of Americans who feel the country is on the wrong track.

Americans distrust of their government is also very high. According to Pew Research, just 20% feel the government does the right thing “just about always or most of the time.” Because the Democrats are currently in charge, they appear to be shouldering the blame. 

With the Real Clear Politics average Congressional job approval  at 19.6%, and 71% disapproving, GOP watch parties in November look to be much more fun that Democrat watch parties.

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