Gobble, Gobble – A History of the Presidential Turkey Pardon in 9 Pictures

There have been many¬†National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentations at the White House over the years, but it wasn’t until Ronald Reagan pardoned a turkey that the idea took hold and George H.W. Bush made the presidential pardon a yearly tradition. In honor of Thanksgiving, here are the top 9 most entertaining photos of presidents with turkeys:


President Dwight Eisenhower appears to read jokes to his turkey.


President Lyndon Johnson looks skeptical.


President Gerald Ford stares down the bird.


President Richard Nixon shakes hands with his turkey.


President Ronald Reagan gets a surprise as the bird attempts to take flight.


President Bill Clinton applauds his pardon.


President George W. Bush says, “CHEESE!”


President Barack Obama looks hesitant as Sasha face-palms.

And because there are so many good ones of him, here’s a bonus Dubya pic:


President George W. Bush’s turkey gets a little TOO friendly!

Enjoy your turkey!


Which picture is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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