Glenn Beck Wants Amash To Run In 2024 — ‘Is The Man We On The Right Have Waited For My Whole Life’

Conservative talk radio host Glenn Beck saw a tweet from Rep. Justin Amash and decided that young lawmaker was the future of the Republican Party.

Beck backed Sen. Ted Cruz in the 2016 election and nearly crushed his entire operation and company when the American people didn’t side with that choice. Beaten and left heavily in debt, Beck publicly sided with Trump at various times and let his listeners know that he would vote for Trump in 2020. But giving Amash praise, the same Michigan GOP libertarian congressman who wants to impeach Trump after listening more to the Democrat view, is unheard of.

I remember Beck way back when he had his show. He was about as conservative as anyone could be, and probably posed a danger to the Shadow Government that he attempted to expose. Something happened to the guy that doesn’t quite add up.

Beck responded to Amash’s tweet with this, “@justinamash is the man we on the right have waited for my whole life. He has the best conservative voting record in Congress. He does what he says he will do, AND never hides from voters. I hope he runs in 2024. He takes his oath seriously. Thank you, JA.”


I don’t look down on Amash’s declaration; I am troubled that his eyes are closed when it comes to what Democrats are trying to do to President Trump. That alone, I can’t support him.

When I hear conservatives say that Glenn “came around to Trump” I cringe. The same people that mocked and ridiculed then-candidate Trump and his supporters for a straight year, until they saw which way the wind was blowing is where I place Beck and those like him. There are too many fake Trump supporters in the media today that jumped on the ship because of the opportunity.

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As for Amash, he completely ignores there was never an underlying crime to justify a special counsel investigation (SC). Robert Mueller had conflicts of interest of his own, and let’s not forget his report had no recommendations to charge. Furthermore, the report was made for the DOJ (Executive), not Congress (Legislative). Providing Congress a copy was a courtesy extended by the Executive branch.

Here is how political Twitter saw Beck’s praise for Amash:

It also seemed like Beck tried to walk back his earlier statement with this tweet:

But a timeline subscriber caught him and responded with this:

I used to like Glenn. He put it all on the line exposing the Obama administration and its ties to numerous organizations seeking to usurp the United States. His family was not safe—that was my litmus test. I will ALWAYS respect him for that, but he lost me years ago.

He is now a parody of himself. His once great and now crumbling media empire indicates I am not the only one that abandoned him. I loved his take-no-prisoners Patriotic vitriol.

Now, he has watered it down.


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