Speaking to Mark Levin, Newt Gingrich argued that the Chinese government is almost completely to blame for the coronavirus pandemic.

Gingrich: “We’re in a Situation Exactly Like World War II”

Gingrich, the former Republican Speaker of the House during Bill Clinton’s time in office, said that the country is in a situation “exactly like World War II,” with the coronavirus outbreak.

“We are in a global problem caused by the Chinese,” Gingrich said, arguing that the Chinese government made the crisis “much, much worse” than it could have been.

“If the Chinese had been honest, and if the Chinese had intervened at the beginning, I think that 95 percent of this would have disappeared,” he told Levin, noting that it wasn’t just him arguing this, but that “a British university [had] looked at it and said what the Chinese did dramatically expanded the problem.”

Levin agreed, and voiced support for a bill created by Senator Tom Cotton, that would encourage pharmaceutical manufacturers to move back from China into the United States, “or at least with allies,” as opposed to the communist regime that China has now.

“China threatened to cut off our drugs, of which many of them, up to 80 percent of them, rely in part, directly or indirectly, on China, and then they blame the United States military, they have this huge propaganda campaign, which, by the way, many in the media are very receptive to,” Levin noted.

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The Pandemic is China’s Fault!

The former speaker agreed, but went further, arguing that the U.S. “ought to have as a stated goal… nothing which really matters to us, in terms of our national security or our health, to be made and manufactured in China.”

Gingrich praised President Trump for ensuring the country has got “much tougher very fast” against the Chinese government, and that America should “continue down that road” with further action.

“We need to think of a strategy that will shrink the Chinese and will punish them every time they steal intellectual property, and will not allow them to go around the world doing the kind of things they’re doing,” he continued.

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“This disease came from China,” Gingrich concluded. “This is China’s fault. All of us are suffering because the dictatorship in China allowed this to happen.”

I couldn’t agree more with Gingrich about the cause of the coronavirus pandemic. We cannot let the Chinese government continue their actions unabated and without consequences. Potentially millions of people all around the world could die as a result of their actions, and we must not forget this.