Geraldo Rivera Says Trump Is ‘The Right Warrior For This Fight’

Geraldo Rivera Trump

On Monday, Geraldo Rivera addressed those who hate President Donald Trump and continue to do so during the coronavirus pandemic.

‘If the motive is to hurt Donald Trump, then save it’

“If the motive is to hurt Donald Trump, then save it,” Geraldo said on his “Roadkill” podcast. “Save it for when this horrible disease is behind us,” because we have be more unified in support of President Donald Trump’s “epic” efforts to combat this crisis.

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“I know that many Trump-haters are clearly frustrated right now because most of the American people – 60 percent in that Gallup poll – most of the America people, many of whom did not vote for Donald Trump, approve of what I think is an epic job, that he is doing to mitigate the coronavirus catastrophe,” Rivera said.

His show’s host station tweeted, “On today’s #roadkill, @GeraldoRivera shares his thoughts about the effective, yet flamboyant leadership of @realDonaldTrump throughout his country’s battle against the #CoronavirusPandemic.”

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‘He’s not perfect. But, he’s getting the job done’

Geraldo admitted Trump wasn’t perfect.

“I grant you that he is flamboyant, and that he is unrestrained – but, so was General Patton in World War II,” Geraldo noted.

But Rivera still is confident President Trump is the right man to get the job done in this time of crisis.

“We have the right warrior for this fight,” Rivera said. “He’s not perfect. But, he’s getting the job done.”


Geraldo chastised Trump’s critics for prioritizing the wrong things in this moment.

“Like when he bragged over the weekend about his ratings of his daily briefings. ‘Bigger than The Bachelor,’ he boasted,” Rivera said. “That’s unfortunate; it’s tacky – but, then, to portray that as something evil – why? For what? That’s who he is.”

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Geraldo says of Trump’s efforts, ‘proof in the pudding’

“Like I said, he’s flamboyant,” Geraldo continued. “He’s unrestrained. He’s thin-skinned. He is all those things.”

“But, the proof in the pudding is the ventilators are getting where the ventilators have to go,” Rivera noted. “The masks are getting where the masks have to go.”

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