General Michael Flynn Takes Victory Lap By Calling In To Rush Limbaugh Show

General Michael Flynn Takes Victory Lap By Calling In To Rush Limbaugh Show

On Wednesday, General Michael Flynn celebrated the dismissal of charges against him as decided by a U.S. Appeals Court panel with a surprise phone call to conservative talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh.

Rush Limbaugh said on his program Wednesday, “I’m told that we have General Flynn on the phone. Michael Flynn, you are here on the EIB Network, is that right?”

Flynn’s Surprise Call

“How about that, Rush?” the voice said. “Yeah, this is Mike Flynn. How you doing?”

Limbaugh replied, “I’m great. I’m a little stunned.”

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Gen. Flynn then offered his sympathies to Limbaugh, who is battling stage four cancer.

“Well, I want to just tell you, first of all, you got a lot of prayers coming from the Flynn family for you and all the things that you’re going through, so just know that,” Flynn said. “And I just want to say from the bottom of our hearts, you know, you’ve been right from the beginning.”

He continued, “And we can’t thank you and your listeners enough for all the support that they have given us through this fight.”

“And, you know, obviously, the fight’s not over, as you’ve been highlighting for not just today, but for a long time,” Flynn said.

“Right,” Limbaugh responded.

Rush to Flynn: ‘I can’t imagine what it’s been like’

Flynn continued, “And the decision today is really, it’s a good thing for General Flynn, it’s a good thing for me, it’s a good thing for my family, but it’s really a great boost of confidence for the American people and our justice system, because that’s what this really comes down to, is whether or not our justice system is going to have the confidence of the American people. And, boy, your listeners know this.”

Limbaugh said, “You had to have your doubts in it for the longest time. I can’t imagine what it’s been like.”

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“Well, I’ll tell you what, maybe there will be another time that we can get into the details of it, but I will just tell you that I have always believed and fought for our rule of law,” Flynn replied.

“The most important thing that we have in this country, bar none, is that,” Flynn added. “And we have to make it work whether we like it or not, and it has to work with the right people and the right leaders and the people of our country to step up to the plate.”

Flynn: ‘The struggle for this country… will never end’

“You know, and elections matter, right? Voting matters,” Flynn said. “So, anyway, I just wanted to get my two cents in with you today and tell you that we think about you often and we pray for you and that we are so happy with the decision, not only for our family, but for our country.”

“General Flynn, thank you so much,” Rush said in a humble manner. “I’m still a little stunned here that I’m talking to you. Have you signed anything? Is this really over? Or is it just we just assume it’s gonna be?”

“No, yeah, I mean, it’s not over,” Flynn said. “Some of your listeners have been talking about it today. It never ends. You know, the struggle for this country… will never end. You know this, Rush. You know this.”


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“We’re a country that’s an experiment based on some great ideas from some terrific, you know, founding citizens of our country,” the General continued. “So it’s never over. I do not expect it to be over. You know, this is another — this is a phase that has ended. And we will go into another phase.”

Flynn went on, “But, you know, I’m from good Irish stock, so my family has really stuck with us and behind us, and I think a lot of Americans have seen that.”

“And then people like yourselves, leaders like yourselves have stepped up to the plate to guide the American people through what has happened, what has happened,” Flynn concluded. “So there will be more to say in the future, but I just mainly wanted to say to you thank you so much for all that you have done for my family and, frankly, for our country.”

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