Rush Limbaugh Explains Why He Believes Democrats Approach To Coronavirus Will Backfire

Rush Limbaugh criticized the media and the Democrats on his radio show Monday over their handling of the coronavirus epidemic and also said he believes their approach will backfire on them in the end.

‘The coronavirus is being hyped beyond what it is’

“The coronavirus is being hyped beyond what it is,” said Limbaugh.

“[Former Chicago Mayor] Rahm Emanuel, right here we have it, ‘Coronavirus Could Be ‘Devastating’ for Trump Reelection Bid,’” added Limbaugh, pointing to article highlighting Emanuel’s recent comments on ABC News.

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“The Drive-By Media is back to weaponizing the coronavirus against the Trump administration, once again claiming this could provide an opening for the Democrats, which continues to just outrage me,” Limbaugh said.

“I mean, these are the people that claim to have all the compassion, they have all the understanding, they have all of the feelings for people, they’re running around: ‘Could be an opening for the Democrats,’” he continued. “What does it mean to say that the coronavirus, it could be an opening for the Democrats? It means the suffering of people could be an opening for Democrats. And they’re all excited about it. And they’re unable to let go of it.”

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Later, Limbaugh said that the Democrats “are sitting there, like Rahm Emanuel, and they’re rubbing their hands together and they’re salivating over the fact that this is going to provide an opening for the Democrats.”

Will Dems’ Response to Coronavirus Backfire?

Limbaugh then got to the main point about why he thinks their efforts will fail.

“I guarantee you we’ve not gotten to this point where a political party will benefit profoundly by happily noting the suffering of its voters,” he said. “Democrats, you better be real careful that you’re not seen this way.”

“You are seen as hoping to profit on the illness and the discomfort and the destruction, distraction, the upset of normalcy that people are experiencing in their lives, that’s the kind of thing you want to profit from or benefit from?” Limbaugh said. “It ain’t gonna happen. You might sit there and dream about it thinking you’ve got George W. Bush and Katrina 2 happening here, but you’re off and dreaming.”

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Limbaugh said coronavirus will not end up being as devastating as Democrats seem to hope.

“The Drive-By Media wants you to think that this massive stock market plunge is because of the coronavirus,” said Limbaugh. “Some of it is, but the vast majority of this has nothing to do with the coronavirus, absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus.”

Limbaugh said the drop in oil prices is what’s affecting Wall Street, not coronavirus.

“Now, this drop in the oil price is gonna be good for the consumer, folks,” said Limbaugh. “This is good news for everybody except for producers. This always happens every time the production price of oil drops. The crude price, the barrel price, everybody panics; the stock market drops.”

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