This hurts, because I like Tulsi Gabbard. She challenges Democrats for their hypocrisy, but her recent statement is beyond the pale for me.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard went on ABC’s The View and made false claims that President Trump was inciting violence across the country. If Trump is inciting racism and violence, it’s the one thing he’s doing a very poor job at. I think he needs to turn to the Democrats for lessons on racism and political violence.

I thought that in an alternate universe I could see myself maybe voting for Gabbard, depending upon several contingencies. Now, I am pretty sure there is no alternate universe.


Hostin: “The president hasn’t backed down on his attacks on the four freshmen congresswomen. This weekend he tweeted this, ‘I don’t believe the four congresswomen are capable of loving our country.’ Do you think the president is inciting violence against these women?”

Gabbard: “The president is inciting racism and violence in our country as a whole. This is what’s so dangerous about what he’s doing is he’s using his platform to incite this racism and bigotry when really he’s just doing it for his own political gain. So when President Trump says —he’s saying love it or leave it, right?  What he’s really saying is love me or leave. He’s making it about himself saying that, if you disagree with Trump, if you disagree with his views, then you should leave. You don’t belong here. And that’s really what’s so dangerous is he is seeing himself as America rather than recognizing the fundamental values of our country are based on our freedom of speech to agree or disagree.”


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Funny. I don’t remember any conservatives pulling people out of their cars and beating them in the middle of the street just because of who they voted for.

What violence? Do you mean like the guy who wrote the manifesto about the “concentration camps” trying to blow up an ICE facility? That kind of violence?

Gabbard is getting very desperate. It’s HER party pushing violence and not calling out those doing it. It’s folks like Gabbard that make us feel that those with military experience no longer get a free pass. More of these veterans coming out of the woodwork are unstable and a danger to this country. The left is going out of their way to recruit most of them, desperate to try and emulate the right, but with no vetting whatsoever, like Seth Moulton.

Democrats and their supporters in the biased news media fail to explain how chanting “send her back” is anything other than an expression of political sentiment. The sentiment expressed by those who were chanting that phrase had nothing to do with race or ethnicity. If AOC and her anarchist friends showed that they were true American patriots they would be loved, not rejected, by all conservatives including the ones who chanted. The #RadicalFour are held in low regard by conservatives because of their perceived unpatriotic and toxic rhetoric and far-left socialist agenda.

“Racist” accusations show a willingness to lie in order to win a political argument. Race-baiting rhetoric is poisonous and divisive.

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