Furious Democrats Demand Pentagon Reverse Ban on Drag Shows

Earlier this month, the Pentagon announced it would start enforcing its long-standing ban on drag shows and drag-inspired events on military installations. This move just in time for so-called “Pride Month” comes after intense GOP pressure on the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to answer uncomfortable questions regarding events happening on taxpayer property.

Naturally, the liberal elites are furious and are spending their time trying to convince the five-sided building to reverse its course. Citing recruitment needs, claiming discrimination, and even reaching back into military history to claim a precedent, the left is trying hard to bring back drag.

The fact that our elected officials on both sides of the aisles are forced to focus on drag shows on military installations says a lot about our culture and, sorry to say, our military readiness in general. 

Cherished History?

Growing up, I recall watching old reels of Bob Hope traveling the world to bring merriment to our men in uniform. During my brother’s war, I remember watching Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robin Williams do the same in the Middle East. 

These shows, which helped during the World Wars to act as a distraction and morale booster during some of the darkest times in modern warfare, helped spawn the USO (United Services Organization). It’s these shows that the liberals like to fall back on when arguing to keep drag shows alive and well in the military.

California Congressman Robert Garcia explains:

“There’s a history of the Pentagon hosting all types of comedic events, concerts, and different types of celebrations.”

The executive director of the Secure Families Initiative, Sarah Streyder, elaborates on the “new” ban:

“…ignores the reality that drag has been an art form used in military events for over 100 years.”

All of a sudden Democrats care about tradition? Doubtful.

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Let’s talk about that reality for a second. It’s not inaccurate to state that men dressed as women for entertainment is not new to the Armed Services.

Known as “girly shows” or “pony ballet,” these shows featured men dressed as women because there weren’t enough women to perform these roles since, back then, women weren’t allowed to serve. Interestingly when the Women’s Army Corps, known as WACS, was created, they weren’t allowed to participate in these shows because it was considered controversial and sexually risqué.

All that to say, comparing today’s “drag shows” to the drag shows of WWI and WWII is like comparing Marlene Dietrich to Dylan Mulvaney.

We Need Diversity!

The other overplayed argument of the left is that banning drag show performances on military installations is an attempt to erase the LGBT military community and restrict their rights.

Wisconsin Congressman Mark Pocan claims:

“The current efforts to restrict drag as part of a larger movement to restrict the rights of LGBTQ+ people, and the Pentagon should not yield to extremist pressure to minimize the diversity of our military ranks.”

And yet not allowing drag events on military installations doesn’t minimize the diversity of the military. It doesn’t mean gay servicemembers can’t attend or participate in drag events off base; it just means they can’t do it on base. 

Furthermore, gay servicemembers aren’t the only group restricted from some activities your everyday American citizen enjoys. You won’t see a strip club on a military installation, you won’t see political signs on-base housing, and you won’t see servicemembers in uniform participating in political or cultural protests. 

Air Force veteran and activist Jennifer Dane pushes further, claiming drag performances can help with recruitment:

“You need to recruit the next generation. And the next generation of recruits is Generation Z, which is the most LGBTQ-friendly and diverse.”

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Besides the obvious fact that drag events shouldn’t be what the Armed Services hang their hat on for recruitment, the truth is most of Generation Z couldn’t serve even if they wanted to. According to a recent Pentagon study, most Generation Z Americans are ineligible for service, with 77% of 17 to 24-year-olds needing a waiver. 

Why, you might ask? Because they are too fat, too addicted, and too mentally ill. No amount of drag show is going to fix those issues.

You Must Bend The Knee

I’ve written about my support for gay rights and how “Pride Month” used to and should be a celebration and a time to remember the Stonewall riots. However, it appears to have nothing to do with any of that anymore; it’s merely a time for the alphabet soup crowd to wallow in their faux suffering and demand the attention of the entire population on their own narcissism. 

Congressman Garcia claims:

“Drag shows are art and they should be allowed like any other type of art form is allowed.”

But all art is not allowed on military installations. Graffiti artists aren’t permitted to tag military buildings with their artistic expressions, sexually explicit art isn’t allowed, and art depicting violence isn’t allowed on military installations. 

Congressman Pocan argues:

“LGBTQ+ servicemembers and their culture should be seen, valued, and celebrated.”

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Banning drag events on military installations doesn’t cloak the LGBT military culture in the shadows of the DOD. One merely has to look at the United States Air Force’s tweet featuring a silhouette of an Airman saluting the pride flag to see that the military is willing to celebrate the gay community.

So much so that they are willing to create an image of a servicemember saluting a flag other than the Red, White, and Blue. 

Never Enough

As a society, we have become addicted to the need to feel wounded. Right now, the LGBT community, which has become the catch-all group for any subculture of America rooted in sexual proclivities, has taken the lead in proclaiming their addiction and requiring that the rest of us enable their need to feel like victims.

But we are all woefully subservient to this trend of victimhood. Claims of systemic racism allow the black community to claim perpetual and never-ending victimhood.

Arguments that women who are criticized for poor performance due to their gender alone enable poor performers to continue to remain relevant in their industries based solely on their gender, which seems only to be a binary construct in those convenient situations. Hell, even white people are “victims” of their inherent privilege and fragility. Apparently, we can’t help but be racist, and if we proclaim it loud enough, it makes us special.

Our need to “accept all” and “include everyone” has led to our culture arguing the merits of ‘Minor Attracted Persons’ and mutilating children making them sterile and slaves to a medical system not built to heal them anymore but mutated into destroying them. In short, we lack moral, ethical, and cultural boundaries.

Boundaries are good, and it’s time we start enforcing them. Let’s hope the Pentagon maintains its no-drag events boundaries, but something tells me they won’t.

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Kathleen J. Anderson

USAF Retired, Bronze Star recipient, outspoken veteran advocate. Hot mess mom to two monsters and wife to equal parts Saint and Artist husband. Writer, lifelong conservative, lover of all things American History, and not-so-secret Ancient Aliens fanatic. Homeschool maven, Masters in Political Management, constitutionalist, and chock full of opinions.

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  • When I was in the military, being a homosexual could get you kicked out. I knew a trainee in basic who was kicked out. I believe everyone should be allowed to serve. However, soldiers must conform. Soldiers dressed in drag, pretending they are the opposite sex, or other delusional behavior cannot be tolerated.
    In the one occupation that demands unity, division is dangerous. CRT, trans, and promoting homosexuality creates division.

  • This is getting out of hand! Don't be surprised if there a few military killed over their stupid idea of dressing like a drag queer! Austin has done the worst thing a BLACK MILITARY LEADER CAN DO! Always believe it was BLACKS BOYS WHO STARTED DRAG SHOW In New Orleans. There no such thing as PRIDE MONTH, but a lot of sick people who promoted their own life that heading to HADES! Do the ENEMY CARE IF YOU A GAY PERSON OR NOT? I DOUBTS THEY DO, but rather see you dead. By the way you will find out WHO GOD IS WHEN YOUR SOUL LEAVE YOUR BODY! Then after being judge as worthless and TOLD TO DEPART FROM HERE. DEAD BODY JOIN THE SOUL ON THE WAY TO HELL! But you don't have to believe that! But you will!

  • When I was in the Navy I was a Master-at-Arms writing these people up to go to Captains Mast for an other than honorable or bad conduct discharge in the Brig on board ship. We are the laughing stock of the world trying to appease a bunch of mentally deranged nutcases all in the name of diversity? What is wrong with the pentagram and the executive branch? What about our readiness to fight an enemy? Do you think curtailing Manhood in the ranks is going to help fight an enemy? Plain and simple you are not getting our children or grandchildren to fight you little police actions anymore, PERIOD.

  • this has no place in the military , if anything our enemies think we are weak to even allow it

  • the 99% are getting tired of the 1% telling us what to do and we are offended by this

  • When Bob Hope and others did it - back then - it was a novelty and entertaining. It's no longer novel and entertaining. It's gotten serious when children are targeted and recruited and when there's a whole month of "pride." So for the time being it makes sense to pull it back and a good place to start is the military.

  • This garbage has no place on our military bases.. they are getting really pushy with their garbage... shoving it down everyone's throat! They want to live their clown fantasy life.. fine live it, but STOP shoving the garbage down the throats of others... it's disgusting.. it's NOT the same as Bob Hope and Milton Berle did... Bob Hope and Milton Berle didn't make it look like a sexual porn show... our country is turning into a sick freak show

  • Being LGB or T is not the same as just wearing a costume in a show. And shows that depict sexual acts, either actual or simulated, are not the same as shows with non-sexual content. The majority of current drag shows I'm aware of are, at the least, filled with sexual innuendo. That is what *I* object to, not men merely wearing women's garb and not anyone's private sexuality.

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