Fundraiser Page For Officer Who Shot Michael Brown Raises $50,000 In Two Days

As the National Guard advances on Ferguson, Missouri, a GoFundMe page has quietly raised over $50,000 for Officer Darren Wilson, the cop who allegedly shot Michael Brown.

The money has poured in over the last 48 hours.

Like most people out there, I feel for Michael Brown’s parents. Any mother or father in this situation would be overwhelmed with grief and rage, no matter the circumstances of the shooting. But I also feel for Officer Wilson. The 28-year-old cop is in hiding, fearing for his life. He’s being vilified as a murderer, even as details emerge that contradict the protesters’ narratives. The latest reports say that Michael Brown beat on Wilson so badly that he fractured his eye socket. According to The Gateway Pundit, “Local St. Louis sources said Wilson suffered an ‘orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.’ This comes from a source within the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.”

It’s good to see that some people want Wilson to get a fair shake in the legal system, and are donating money to ensure it. The protesters have a story about Michael Brown’s death and they’re sticking to it. But, as always, there seems to be More To The Story…much, much more. We shouldn’t allow Darren Wilson to become a whipping boy before all the facts come to light.

Ashley Herzog

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  • Exactly right. This town, and others like it, are going to keep fooling around, and wind up with NO police force.

    Who would want to train and serve as a cop, and then be in constant jeopardy - wondering if the wrong situation may arise. When confronted with thugs, just a few seconds of hesitation in reacting to an assault could mean your life being snuffed. Or maybe worse, being crippled for life.

    I reckon that it would be real hard to "profile" or "target" blacks, when over 70% in the town are black. Oy.

    • Larry, there should not be any legal defense - he was doing his job, got beaten by this THUG and then shot the THUG in self defense. Sad for the THUG's parents, but this Officer was only doing his job - no legal defense should be needed.

    • I beleive tax payers will pay for Wilson's legal defense because he was on duty performing the duites of a police officer. If we could all be one shade of purple for just a second or more. Forget the color of he skin. And look at the facts. I am against bad cops and believe me, I know they exist. I have no tolerance for drug dealers or users or theives. Brown was an adult male who apparently was not a law abiding citizen. He robbed a store and assualted a store owner. Brown was a bully. A big adult bully. Let's face it. Brown was an adult! He knew better and right from wrong. That Gov. Nixon needs his head examined. I have a feeling Obama and Holder want Wilson's head for political gain. I sure hope black people can see through this abuse of power--by Obama and Holder.

      • TC: Touche'.
        As for Gov Jay Nixon, sadly never appeared to be so predisposed with outwardly opinions, as such. Very upsetting as a prior supporter, after this incident then.
        Obviously there has been an (underlying) overall governmental shift and on multiple levels. Is the government reasoning or lack there of due to the unscrupulous buying power of the likes of: (google/research the names!) - Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Warren Buffet, and the Koch Bros (Chas G and David H), via Senate & House Republicans, John A Boenher Speaker of the House, and throughout etc., and on down the line locally, as well?
        ... Does everyone see each time local, national or international trauma occurs that the U.S. President is on vacation, golfing or can only give over 5 minutes of time, and without a suit and tie, before he's off again. So flippant an attitude, shows who's side he is NOT on, whether government puppet or not. He is not even a player in the field of government as he shows zero interest period ever. Yet he IS a player alright. But, the balls he uses do not excite the majority. Infuriating. We need a total leadership change whose every move is among the purest for his country, not himself. Personally I prefer chess. Checkmate Mr Obama and those all the way down that food chain, per se. Because it is exactly "that" which has made everything peak, which seems to be exactly what he and all those included must want, since there is little to no evidence of appearance or verbal sincerity of concern , other than when the next flight out is and how much can be spent doing so. Sorry-got off on a tangent. But, it all culminates and ignites in a variety of ways, and this is just one of them. It is how things begin, then fester, and here we are.
        Along with (oh the big surprise), the young man who gave the false police report, not too mention his history. ...AND the beat goes on.
        Support your local police (fire, ems etc), it is they who will be there daily without fail, always have, always will. As for the local Chief, Mr Wilson, all LEO's, and all family members, please know WE SUPPORT YOU! Personally it is so emotionally upsetting,... the levels this has reached unnecessarily, that I feel for all LEO's involved. Simply can not imagine the toil and strife endured, hoping it ends soon, as well as correctly as we all know it should be. Thanking you all for your diligence. Please continue to stand together - keep that bond - stay strong-stay safe.
        (BTW-and never let them or anyone take away your right to full equipment! - JMO :)
        All the best, from out in East Central MO. R (not T)

      • TC, actually police don't typically rely on legal defense from the city they work for, because the city looks out for the city and not the officers. Hopefully, he pays dues to an organization which would provide legal representation on his behalf.

      • I agree with you. Ovomit and Holder only want Wilson's head to get more votes and the blacks will certainly give it to them

  • Terrible for the parents. Sometimes parents do all the right things and children still grow up to get in trouble. And whether this teen was a criminal or not, it's no less painful for the grieving parents. Terrible for the policeman as well. The police have a very hard and dangerous job. And from at least a dozen accounts and at least one recording, there seems to be credible witnesses who tell the same story as the office and his partner. The evidence from the autopsy also supports the premise of self defense, a justified shooting and use of lethal force. I am glad that the donations are going well for this officer who is likely being wrongly accused and threatened. It seems that the media has already decided to support the AA community and the grieving parents and to almost vilify or try the police officer in the public arena. It seems they are rooting for more unrest like some sickening Spike Lee. What kind of human would want more hurt, more criminal action?

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