Rep. Frederica Wilson, the “phone-listener,” is demanding an apology from White House Chief of Staff General John Kelly for “character assassination.”

Wilson has been going back and forth with Kelly and President Trump as she continues to bask in the attention of MSNBC and CNN.

I seriously hope General Kelly doesn’t comply with Wilson’s demand, because all too often conservatives surrender just to calm things down. The left then hates you even more for caving in because they view you as a weak.

Just a few days ago, Wilson was accusing Kelly of racism, and now she’s smelling the attention Rep. Maxine Waters got for demanding Trump’s impeachment.

From The Hill: “’Not only does he owe me an apology, but he owes an apology to the American people,’ Wilson said during an appearance Sunday on MSNBC’s ‘AM Joy,’ according to The Washington Post. She also referred to Kelly as a ‘puppet of the president.'”

The rest of the clown show is getting in on the act, as the Congressional Black Caucus is joining in on asking for an apology.

Frederica, you owe the Gold Star family, the President, Gen Kelly and we the people an apology for your outrageous, barbaric, callous, self-centered, insensitive, undignified words and actions. You have used this hate-mongering carnival to advance your position in the eyes of the liberals. I cannot believe you feel the slight bit of self-respect over this selfish parade. An apology is in order!

It’s so ironic that she calls for an apology while she is calling General Kelly a puppet. General Kelly is nobody’s puppet, and the whole sane world knows it. The media just keeps trying to make this woman’s lies happen. Sorry – that dog doesn’t hunt anymore. Trump supporters just doesn’t buy any of it, including the tired charge of “racism.”

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