Fox News’ Juan Williams Says Trump Is Using Military to Distract Public

What is happening over at Fox News?

From continued accusations of sexual assault to veteran reporters leaving, it seems the network is losing its edge.

The latest outburst by contributor Juan Williams will be sure to have Fox viewers questioning why the network still employs him.

In reaction to Trump’s announcement about sending more troops to Afghanistan, Williams offered up some disturbing thoughts about the president’s ulterior motive.

Take a look at these disgusting comments:

Donald Trump finds this opportune moment to use [the military] as a toy to say, ‘You know that stuff I was saying, when I didn’t understand what Nazis and white supremacists and neo-nazis was about? I forgot what World War II was about? And when real American patriots shed blood to fight those Nazis? There was no equivalence.’ No, no, no. But he didn’t say that. Instead, now he’s saying, ‘Oh yeah, so you know what? … This is brand-new.’

This to me is the absolute most cheap use of our military from a guy who was in a hole and has damaged his presidency in a way that he will not recover.


The president’s admitted to doing some deep soul-searching before reaching his decision to send more American troops to Afghanistan. This isn’t a political ploy. And it’s not a dumb gimmick to “distract” the American people.

Williams should be ashamed of himself. He should either apologize or Fox should punish him.

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