Fox News Chief Murdoch SLAMS Obama as “Non-Black,” THIS is the Reaction!

Black Democrats already do not trust Fox News, calling it a “racist network.” No matter how much I have tried to inform and educate them that that isn’t the reality of their news brand, with tweets like this from the head honcho, it doesn’t help.

Rupert Murdoch

I understand we live in the politically correct world, and we consistently want it to become non-politically correct, but you have to take personal responsibility for your actions and your comments when you go off the rails.

Rupert Murdoch was trying to praise GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson and his wife but it came across awkward and maybe it was on purpose, only he knows this:

Democrats had their Harry Reid moment, and now Republicans have theirs with Murdoch’s comments. Twitter comments got so bad it was like throwing kerosene on a brush fire. Check out these comments:















Listen, I don’t have any sympathy for Murdoch in this one. He bit the dog this time, and he’s going to have to fix it or let it be. This is on him, but I will say it’s bulletin board material for Democrats with the CNN Democratic Debates right around the corner.

What do you think of Murdoch’s comments? Share your feelings below and share this on your wall and start up the conversation I am sure your friends will want to chime in.


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