Dan Bongino, a former secret service agent who worked to protect former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, just issued a shocking warning – President Trump is no longer safe in the White House.

Bongino is basing his assessment off of an incident last week in which a man carrying a backpack scaled a fence on the south side of the White House grounds. He did this while the President was on the property.


Details are emerging from the incident that makes it significantly more troublesome, both from the aspect of the unhinged man and from the angle of the Secret Service response.

The man’s backpack contained multiple cans of mace, set off several alarms, and he was able to get so close to the White House that he managed to ‘jiggle the door’ entering the Executive Mansion.

He may have been allowed to roam the grounds for up to 17 minutes before being apprehended!

Bongino says that the breach was so egregious, it shows the Secret Service does not have the means to guard President Trump right now should a more sophisticated group of terrorists try to attack him.

Via Fox News:

“That just shows the president is not safe there – in the White House. The Secret Service does not have the assets, they don’t have personnel on the ground they need to keep him safe.”

Should a group of terrorists decide to storm the White House, the Secret Service would not be able to protect Trump, Bongino predicted.

“The Secret Service cannot even keep one person off the grounds – what will they do if 40 terrorists charge the White House?” he asked. “And believe me the terrorists are already thinking about that.”

Bongino posted a video voicing the same concerns about a week ago …

There is nothing implausible about the threat – if one man can roam the White House lawn for 17 minutes, with alarms going off, hoisting a backpack full of weapons (he was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon), then how hard would it be for a sophisticated group to distract Secret Service while actually getting to the President?

“The Secret Service is stuck in their ways and don’t want to redo and upgrade the White House security plan,” Bongino said. “President Trump won’t be safe there until they do.”

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