Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who worked for former President Barack Obama, has made a shocking announcement: He agrees with President Donald Trump about the Trump Tower wiretapping scandal, and the story is about to “blow wide open this week.”

As Bongino Tweeted out:


Bongino worked in the Presidential Protection Division for Obama and former President George W. Bush. Now, he is a popular voice in the conservative movement and is willing to speak out.

This is really interesting, as it’s becoming clearer every day that Obama did some very Nixon-like things to undermine Trump at the worst possible moments of the 2016 presidential campaign. Bongino is a former insider who has first-hand accounts of just how lawless and corrupt the Obama administration was.

As radio host Mark Levin noted yesterday, there is clear evidence of Obama’s wiretapping and wrongdoing. It will be interesting to have Bongino share the details he knows…

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