This is just too rich.

Gina McCarthy, the EPA administrator under former President Obama, adamantly denied that there was a “war on coal” during a meeting with California Democrats.

As she sat in the office of one of California’s top senators Kevin de León, McCarthy told E&E News reporter Debra Khan that there is no attempt to destroy the coal industry by Democrats or environmentalists.

But something lurking in the background during the interview in the senator’s office seems to suggest otherwise.

Check it out …

Do you see it?

Let’s help you out a bit …

obama war on coal

Still having trouble? Let’s zoom in on the hypocrisy a little more …

obama war on coal

That’s right. A “coal sucks” poster. Sitting in the office of a Democrat senator. While the former head of the EPA is sitting there, denying that that there’s a war on coal.


Via the Daily Caller:

The head of the EPA under President Barack Obama vehemently denied politicians and environmentalists waged a “war on coal.”

There’s just one problem. She was sitting in front of a “coal sucks” poster in the office of California’s top state senator.

Former EPA chief Gina McCarthy huddled with Democratic lawmakers in Sacramento Thursday to advise them on how the state could move forward with policies aimed at fighting global warming while the Trump administration dismantled Obama’s environmental agenda.

McCarthy took over EPA in Obama’s second term and oversaw the implementation of the president’s “Climate Action Plan,” which included sweeping regulations on power plants and natural gas wells. Republicans and coal supporters say these regulations were part of the administration’s “war on coal.”

McCarthy railed on President Trump as well, demanding that he take “global warming” seriously despite what she called the “politically induced religion” of denial.

Religion of denial? This, coming from a cult that insists the 4,000,000,000+ year-old earth is warming due to man’s activity based on temperature recordings that go back less than 100 years.

But it’s cute that she insults the so-called religion of denial while sitting in front of a “coal sucks” shrine.

Now that the adults are back in the room, President Trump has nominated Tom Pruitt to head the EPA, a critic of federal environmental regulation who helped lead a legal effort by some states to throw out a major piece of Obama’s “global warming” strategy.

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