In an interview with MSNBC, James Carville, the former Clinton official, claimed that “Trumpism is the greatest threat this country has faced” since communism.

“The End of Trumpism”

Speaking to Chris Matthews, Carville endorsed Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado for the Democratic presidential nomination, but instead of spending his time pushing the merits of Bennet forward, he decided to attack the President.

“I think that Trump and Trumpism is the greatest threat this country has faced since the fall of communism and the only way to deal with it is defeat it resoundingly,” Carville exclaimed. “If Michael Bennet is the Democratic nominee, you’re going to get 55 percent of the popular vote and you’re going to pick up 55 senate seats. It will be the end of Trumpism.”

Carville went on to say that “Trumpism” can’t just be defeated in an election, but it has to be “decimated.”

“It’s got to look like a beaten arm,” he said. “It’s got to look like Clemson looked last night. Beat and ready to quit and Michael Bennet is the best choice among any Democrat to accomplish that.”

He didn’t explain why or how Bennet can somehow smash the President in an election.

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“Up to the Democrats to Save the United States”

“The Republican Party that you and I knew doesn’t exist,” Carville claimed, because “there’s only Trump and Trumpism” left. He added that the Democrats had to “eradicate” the scourge of President Trump, which they can only do by a “massive and humiliating election defeat.”

In a rather scaremongering quote, Carville said that only the Democrats can “save the United States” from the terrible threat that is Trumpism.

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Carville is Out of Touch!

It’s no surprise that this old Democrat is completely out of touch with the American people. Bennet isn’t even popular within his own party, having not made it to a televised debate since July. America is done with the tired, old politics of the centre, and voters on both sides of the aisle are gravitating towards candidates who actually have something different and interesting to say. Only the legacy media could tolerate someone like Carville and his dated opinions!

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