— FoxNewsSunday (@FoxNewsSunday) July 7, 2019

“The symbol of this country is the Statue of Liberty, not Donald Trump’s pathetic attempt to build a wall,” he added.

No doubt, each of the crowded field of 2020 Democrats will spend plenty of time attacking the president, with Bennet among the least of them.


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Though Bennet met the polling criteria to be included in the first Democratic debate, that criteria was only one percent.

To be clear, Bennet has only one percent currently. According to the margin of error, it’s possible Bennet couldn’t even be polling at any percentage at all!

Last month, Bennet called Trump “pathetic” for “pandering to dictators.”

Bennet Would Send US To War

If you ever needed another reason to hope Bennet never sits in the White House, apparently the Democratic senator would prefer America finds itself in another war as opposed to a president with the strength and good judgment to talk to our enemies first.

Do you think Bennet had the same criticism of President Barack Obama when he reached out to Cuban dictators?

We’re in the midst of the silly season with Democrats and as they continue to try to stand out, expect more ridiculousness to come out of their mouths.

Not to mention, there are millions of Americans who want a border wall. Does Michael Bennet want their votes?

Does he think they are “pathetic” too?