— Paul Bedard (@SecretsBedard) June 30, 2019

On the subject of Marianne Williamson, Maher’s guest, actor and author Max Brooks, said her being included in the debate was a mistake.

“She was never supposed to be there,” said Brooks. “The crazy hippie lady. I heard there were too many Democrats, she snuck through security, she got herself on stage and Rachel Maddow was just too overwhelmed and didn’t notice.”

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“She said a great thing about healthcare that I’m going to try to read after the show,” Maher replied.

Samantha Bee Skewers Democratic Candidates

Maher continued to skewer the Democrat underdogs. It’s worth noting that fellow liberal Samantha Bee said something said something similar a week prior.

“With 20 candidates set to take the stage, you’d think that the Democratic Party is just letting anyone in, but in reality, there are some candidates who didn’t make the cutoff, such as Montana governor and the man who will sell your house today, Steve Bullock,” Bee said. “Bullock is currently polling around zero percent because no one knows who the f*** he is.”

Will any of these candidates drop out anytime soon? Probably not.

Which makes it even more fun for those of us who don’t want any of them to win.