For as much as Democrats are hoping for a so-called “Blue Wave” during the midterms in November, there are already signs that there’s blood in the water.

Lifetime GOP strategist Ed Rollins appeared on Maria Bartiromo’s show “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss his predictions for November. “There’s no blue wave out there,” he said. “The Senate, which we had big opportunities, have not turned out to be quite so. There’s probably five to eight Senate seats on both sides that are in play. I think we will hold the Senate, and I think we will hold the House. Margins may be smaller in the House, but it’s certainly going to hold it.”

Rollins pointed out that historically, in the last 21 midterm elections the president’s party has lost 30 House seats and four Senate seats, but said he predicts Republicans will only lose 5-10 seats in the House (which would maintain the GOP majority in both chambers of Congress).

The stars are aligning for Republicans. As we’ve covered numerous times before, there is more enthusiasm for Republicans as a whole, evidenced by how many people are putting their money where their mouths are. The RNC’s is out-fundraising the DNC by a ratio of more than 2:1, and the RNC is raising far more than past midterm cycles (where they dominated), such as in 2010 and 2014.

Furthermore, voter registration statistics in key swing states don’t bode well for Democrats. Florida (a purple state) has seen their number of voters registered to the Democratic Party drop 2% since 2016, though most of the drop was actually following the highly publicized school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglass high school in Parkland. That indicates that the national gun control debate that followed could’ve put off some moderate Democrats.

President Trump is stepping up the pressure on Democrats too. He’s called for another round of tax cuts, which I speculate isn’t because he actually plans on implementing further cuts, but because he wants Democrats to shoot themselves in the foot by speaking out against them. Trump has also used the Democrats recent embrace of open borders (and disdain for immigration enforcement) against them.

While the Democrats are moving far-far-left on a whole handful of issues there was once a bipartisan agreement on, the average Republican and Independent have not changed much ideologically over the years, which is hardly ideal for Democrats. That means Republicans will have an easier time attracting the votes of Independents who haven’t been infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Even with a media that will spin every single story against Trump, Democrats are struggling to win elections.

Is There a 'Blue Wave' Coming?

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