How many more lies from Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony before the Senate will drop the charade and confirm Judge Kavanaugh? Every day it seems that a few more glaring holes in her sworn testimony are uncovered, proving that she lied under oath.

The problem for Ford is not that she doesn’t remember everything. It’s that it seems everything she remembers seemingly changes at her convenience. She said she couldn’t come to testify before the Senate because of a fear of flying – only to admit that she flies all the time. She claimed to be dumbfounded by the process of how a polygraph works – but according to an ex-boyfriend, she coached a friend on how to game one ahead of a job interview with the FBI.

That friend she allegedly coached, Monica McLean, was one of the signatories of a letter from some of her fellow Holton-Arms class of 1984 alumni bolstering the credibility of Ms. Blasey-Ford.

McLean’s current residence is listed at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. During Ford’s testimony, when asked where she was when she penned her letter to Diane Feinstein alleging abuse, she answered “I was in Rehoboth, Delaware, at the time.” It’s likely that the two were together when Ford penned her letter to Feinstein, and who better to help than a former attorney for the FBI and DOJ like McLean? Someone like McLean certainly could’ve aided Ford in completely erasing her social media history from the internet before coming forward as an accuser, like she did.

Are these allegations merely a farce created by the two?

And speaking of Ford coming forward, her timeline on that is shady. She said before the Senate:

…..This all changed in early July 2018. I saw press reports stating that Brett Kavanaugh was on the “short list” of potential Supreme Court nominees. I thought it was my civic duty to relay the information I had about Mr. Kavanaugh’s conduct so that those considering his potential nomination would know about the assault.

On July 6, 2018, I had a sense of urgency to relay the information to the Senate and the President as soon as possible before a nominee was selected. I called my congressional representative and let her receptionist know that someone on the President’s shortlist had attacked me.

Oh really? As conservative analyst and former Americans for Prosperity VP Phil Kerpin noted, all of the affidavits and, Ford’s therapist notes, reportedly describe an anonymous ‘a federal judge’ until June 28, 2018 – when the anonymous judge becomes Kavanaugh.

However, a week before her testimony she told the Washington Post she feared a Kavanaugh nomination back in 2016 when she was describing him as a ‘federal judge’ to friends. Why? “Because Kavanaugh was among those mentioned as a possible replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.”

Just one problem: he wasn’t.

President Trump had repeatedly promised that the Scalia replacement would come from the list he presented to voters before the election. Kavanaugh was not on that list. Kavanaugh wasn’t added to the list for new vacancies until November 2017.

So when did her fear of Kavanaugh begin? Was it back in 2016 like she told the Post, or in 2018 like she told the Senate? One of them has to be a lie.

Any liberals still parroting the claim that Kavanaugh has been “credibly accused” need to consult a dictionary. It’s no wonder they’ve since moved on to criticizing him for throwing ice at someone at a bar 33 years ago.