Five Reasons Why Common Core Just Doesn’t Add Up

Parents throughout the country have been struggling to help their children do homework because of new Common Core curriculum. SimpleĀ mathematics has become laborious and confusing as now several steps are required to perform simple arithmetic.

Here are 5 examples that demonstrate how challenging school work can be for students these days:

1. It is unacceptable to do math as it has always been done. Now more steps are required.

Common Core 1


2. The environmentalists should get upset over how much additional paper will be required to show all these unneeded steps for basic arithmetic.

Common Core 11


3. Human rights are “articulated” by the government?

Common Core 3


4. We don’t need correct answers. We need “friendly” answers!

Common Core 5


5. Now we need a whole new language for math. Perhaps we need translators as well.

Common Core 7

This is a struggle that many American parents have each school night. Do you feel Common Core will be an important issue in the next Presidential election?


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