Fitness Guru Jillian Michaels Mocks Bill Maher For Downplaying Inflation: ‘Go Buy Some F***ing Eggs!’

Bill Maher & Jillian Michaels debate the issue of inflation on Club Random: has America won the pandemic economically or are prices out of control? Listen to find out!
Screenshots: Club Random Podcast

Fitness guru Jillian Michaels and comedian Bill Maher had a heated discussion about inflation on Maher’s podcast, Club Random, with the host suggesting prices are not out of control.

The exchange came when Maher declared America under President Joe Biden had “won the pandemic economically.”

“We did?” a shocked Michaels responded. “God, I don’t feel that way. Explain it to me. I feel like inflation is insane.”

Maher insisted that “inflation is not insane” which prompted Michaels to launch into a series of examples that a wealthy celebrity like him might not be able to relate to.

“Bill, go buy a car,” she fired back. “A house has tripled here.”

“Look, I get that people —” Maher began before being interrupted by reality.

“Buy some f***ing eggs!” Michaels implored.

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Maher Shrugs Off Inflation – Because He Can

Is there any better example of a smug Hollywood elitist looking down on the struggles of the average person than Bill Maher insisting inflation and the price of goods and services aren’t really out of control?

Maher argues that inflation is not as severe as some people claim. Yet, recent polling shows that it is the second biggest concern among American voters and the most cited topic by respondents asked what issue affects them personally.

Maher also noted his belief that the soaring deficit is not a true concern.

“I think America’s just like a teenage boy. Stupid, but strong. Nothing stops you and yes, we’re driving at 80 miles an hour with the top down along Mulholland, but somehow, unless we — and we could go over the side. Totally,” he said of the $34 trillion deficit.

Laughing he said, “As of now, we’re having a good time.”

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Downplays Illegal Immigration As Well

There’s reality and then there is what Maher is peddling here. The reality is that President Biden promised the American peoplehat the would promote an economy that builds up the middle class.

Instead, he fueled inflation, lowered real wages, and decimated the savings of the middle class. Only 13% of Americans say they are better off under “Bidenomics.”

And, as if downplaying inflation and prices and the national debt weren’t enough, Maher also suggested that illegal immigration isn’t going to slow America down either.

“The big picture is that every other nation in the world [is] much worse off now, and this country, for some reason just chugs f***ing along,” he said.

“Immigration. We are kinda being overrun. Doesn’t seem to effect anything!” he said laughing.

The captain and crew of the Titanic weren’t all that worried at first either.

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