Is it only a matter of time before (more) shots are fired in anger – the shots that set a match to the American powder keg and set off the Second Civil War?

That may sound a little extreme, but I’m sure the same was said when the first shots of the Civil War were fired at Fort Sumter. While thankfully we may not be at that point in this country today, we are coming awfully close to what many consider to be an impending civil war. We are watching as the so-called “resistance” movement protests shut down portions of major cities, physically attack women at Trump rallies, shoot up Republican Congressmen at baseball practice, and now they are taking things to an entirely new level by doxxing prominent conservatives and showing up at their houses, scaring the hell out of their families.

What we witnessed as the mob descended upon the residence of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson is a microcosm of what has been taking place in this country since President Donald Trump was elected two years ago.

The “resistance” movement has its roots in the old school socialist-style terrorism of yesteryear that was carried out by groups like The Weather Underground.

The “resistance” and the Saul Alinsky playbook at work

There is one thing the radical leftists of yesterday and today have in common: taking pages directly from the Saul Alinsky playbook.

  • Pick the target
    • In this instance the target was the home of Tucker Carlson, where left-wing lunatics nearly broke his door down while his wife was home by herself. Yet fake news media outlets claimed it wasn’t a home invasion, it was merely a protest – essentially giving credence to the horrific act that took place at his personal residence.
    • And this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to leftist Alinsky-style protests throughout the country. Another protest that didn’t end so well for the protesters took place in Oregon, where the resistance marchers tried to block an ICE office.

    • It is clear the target is conservatives and anyone who aligns themselves with President Trump. The left is determined to usher in a new era of socialism in this country, and they will stop at nothing to accomplish that task.
  • Freeze the target, personalize it, and polarize it
    • Once they lock on to the target, the left leverages the mainstream media to do their dirty work. To personalize and polarize their target – conservatives like you and me – they do what they do best, manipulate language. Going back decades they have polarized every Republican by calling them names and making them out to be horrible people.
    • Recently this rhetoric has reached an entirely new level as they have begun referring to Trump and most conservatives as “racists,” “bigots,” and even “Nazis.”  This has essentially otherized most in the Republican Party in the eyes of many who may not follow politics all that closely. It also makes the case to justify the acts of the “resistance” movement as they continue to loot, riot, light cars on fire, vandalize, and more all in the name of fighting against the “Nazis.” After all, who could oppose attacking a Nazi like Tucker Carlson? Only other Nazis, of course.

We conservatives are peaceful people

Thankfully, we understand the immense responsibility that comes with intense physical confrontation that could lead to results that no one wants. As a result, we put up with the protests that block traffic as we head home from work. We sit idly by as throngs of protesters vandalize major American cities. And we even laugh at times watching the snowflakes melt when Trump posts a tweet or when he nominates a Supreme Court Justice that may actually uphold the Constitution.

Do you think Americans will fight each other in a second civil war over politics?

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I truly pray it never comes to it, but without some sort of cooling down, eventually, there will come a breaking point. There will come a time when a masked Antifa protester is confronted by someone who they simply shouldn’t have messed with, and they will be on the receiving end of a force that could have serious consequences. Someone will push someone too far, and things will spiral out of control. That’s how most conflagrations get started.

We already saw a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter tried to massacre dozens of Republican Congressmen at a baseball game. How much worse will it get? Will those be remembered as the first shots?

As The Political Insider has pointed out, Breitbart has assiduously catalogued over 600 incidents of intimidation, harassment, violence, and shootings carried out by left-wingers against conservatives. The list is extensive.

Pray to God we don’t ever go over the edge.

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