First Night Of RNC Smashes DNC In Views – Gets Nearly Six Times More People Watching

The RNC has already smashed the DNC in ratings, with almost six times as many people watching the opening night on Monday.

A Six-Fold Increase In Viewers

According to The Hill, who analyzed the ratings from the first nights of the RNC and DNC on their respective C-Span livestreams, the first night of the former drew 440,000 viewers, compared to the latter’s measly 67,000 viewers. This is an around six-fold increase from the latter.

These figures come ahead of the traditional media ratings, which will be released by Nielsen sometime Tuesday afternoon. According to them, the first night of the DNC managed to pull in 18.7 million people in total – a figure that will surely face much comparison when the RNC ratings are released.

Joe Biden’s speech last Friday managed to pull in 21.7 million viewers, and was the high point for the DNC in total. However, this was a 21% drop down from Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech in 2016, and 38% lower than President Trump’s 2016 acceptance speech.

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The DNC Was An Unprofessional Snoozefest

It’s really no surprise we already see this difference between the two. For one, the DNC was, as usual, a total snooze-fest, full of washed-up politicians like Jon Kasich, who has dropped his facade of being a Republican and jumped straight onto the Democrat train. The entire “virtual conference” also looked like it was put together on a shoe-string budget by some 19 year old intern!

Whereas by contrast, the first night of the RNC was professional, and filled with far more entertaining speakers, including President Trump himself.

People Watch C-Span For A Clean Livestream

Here’s a thought: I doubt we’ll necessarily see the same dramatic difference that we saw on the C-Span livestream figures as on the Nielsen figures. I think there will still be more watching, but not as dramatic. Why? It’s simple. Because with the RNC, the MSM has constantly been pumping out bogus “fact-checks” and pulling away from the actual conference speeches.

Most people just don’t want to deal with that, so I’m sure that’s why the clean C-Span stream had them all beat!

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