Tucker Carlson – who has easily become America’s best TV journalist – just destroyed yet another liberal reporter by using common sense.

Just hours prior to Donald Trump’s first scheduled press conference, BuzzFeed dropped a completely fake news story involving the President-elect and reprehensible acts with prostitutes in Russia.

The unverified dossier used for the report was passed over by nearly every journalist in the business because none of the information could be proven and the source was unverified.

Not BuzzFeed, however. And while the media outlet has been getting hammered by just about everyone – even the New York Times blasted them for publishing ‘fake news’ – there are some out there defending them over the smear attempt.

One such journalist is Fortune senior writer Mathew Ingram who wrote, “there is a solid argument to be made that BuzzFeed did the right thing in publishing them.”

Carlson took Ingram on asking, “Isn’t it irresponsible to pass on something you can’t verify?”

Ingram surprisingly didn’t think so.

Carlson then asked, “Would you publish it yourself if you were running a news organization?”

Ingram said that he would, to which Carlson responded, “Then you have low standards.”


Take a look at the fiery exchange below …

Via Fox News Insider:

Tucker said that journalists have a responsibility not to spread false information, let alone knowingly.

He said the press must verify the veracity of reports before going forward with them, and BuzzFeed failed miserably in this case.

Ingram reiterated that most senior U.S. intelligence officials believed that this information was important enough to include in a briefing for both the current president and the president-elect.

He said that he would publish documents if he were running a news organization.

“Then you have low standards. I’m sorry,” Carlson said. “We exist to stop hearsay, not perpetuate it.”

Carlson went on to say that criticizing BuzzFeed’s actions isn’t tantamount to a defense of Trump.

“I wouldn’t do it to Obama or Hillary” either, he explained.

Comment: Do journalists at BuzzFeed or those defending them have low standards? Does the media in general have low standards today? Share your thoughts with us below.

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