Federal Judge Rules Against Trump — Border Crossers Don’t Have To Prove They Have Health Insurance

U.S. District Judge Michael Simon blocked the Trump Administration from enforcing a new policy that would ask immigrants to show they have health insurance before entering the United States. It is nice to know that Congress and the judicial branches care more about illegals than tax-paying Americans.

If legal citizens, of the US are required to carry health insurance or be fined, then there should be no reason that if someone is applying for green card status, should be able to self pay for health insurance and not be a burden on the taxpayer-funded “Medicare.” Once they apply for states aide of any kind, their green cards should be revoked immediately and deported.

So, we have another “judge,” a ruling based on emotions and not the law. The laws, as passed by Congress, give the Executive Branch the authority to set regulations regarding the issuance of visas and green cards. Part of the framework of the law as passed by Congress is that the immigrants must not become a public charge, but it leaves it to the Executive Branch to define what a public charge is.

Now that they don’t like the way public expense has been defined, they want to sue to keep the Executive Branch from exercising the authority granted to it by Congress. When this ruling gets overturned, this activist judge needs to be removed from the bench.

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These West Coast activist judges think they are helping the liberal agenda, and all they are doing is angering Americans over their penchant for trying to stop the Trump Administration from protecting this country.

News FLASH! The President can limit the way and the number of people to be let in on visas. That’s his call by constitutional law. That judge in Oregon is out of his lane. He is mandated to rule on the law, not make new laws. Move him back to traffic court.

A federal judge in Portland, Oregon, on Saturday put on hold a Trump administration rule requiring immigrants prove they will have health insurance or can pay for medical care before they can get visas.

U.S. District Judge Michael Simon granted a temporary restraining order that prevents the rule from going into effect Sunday. It’s not clear when he will rule on the merits of the case.

Seven U.S. citizens and a nonprofit organization filed the federal lawsuit Wednesday contending the rule would block nearly two-thirds of all prospective legal immigrants.

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The lawsuit also said the rule would greatly reduce or eliminate the number of immigrants who enter the United States with family sponsored visas.


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Funny how when Obama instituted the individual mandate requiring everyone to buy health insurance, liberals didn’t have a problem with that. Care to explain that one?

Why should we not limit immigrant access to public programs? This country is trillions in debt – that doesn’t say much about the rest of the world if we are still considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

The dictum is the Trump administration’s latest effort to limit immigrant access to public programs while trying to move the country away from a family-based immigration system to a merit-based system.

Judicial has no authority over immigration rules except if the rule is unconstitutional or violates the law. In this case, it is neither. 1. Aliens have no constitutional rights. The constitution applies only to US citizens. 2. The law gives the president the power to block any immigration for any reason he deems in the interests of the country. He does not need permission from any court to do so, and a judge cannot overrule the president’s lawful order.

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I hope this one gets to Supreme Court real fast. To continue the massive reduction effort on which we have embarked, we need more measures like this one to ensure fewer come and even fewer burden the taxpayer.

Surely, SCOTUS will reverse this ruling from the Oregon judge, thereby enacting the preferences of the majority and embarrassing the judge.

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