FAIL: Sharpton Can’t Even Get a Hunger Strike Right


Al Sharpton is not happy that the Senate hasn’t approved Loretta Lynch’s nomination for Attorney General. The vote is being held up due to Democrats filibustering a sex trafficking bill.

Sharpton’s National Action Network is holding a hunger strike. But, it is not a typical hunger strike. Rather than deprive themselves of food until their goal is reached, participants will only refrain from eating one day at a time.

A press release from the group states that the delay in Lynch’s confirmation is hurting families like those of Walter Scott who was killed by a South Carolina police officer. Never one to let a crisis go to waste, Sharpton felt the need to use Scott as a prop despite the Scott family asking him not to get involved.

 “The Confirm Lynch Fast campaign will call attention to the needs of the people who need the assistance of the Justice Department most, like the family of Walter Scott, the most recent victim of police brutality in South Carolina or those who face new legal challenges that threaten their right to vote.”

Just like failing to pay his taxes, Sharpton can’t even seem to get a hunger strike right.

What would your advice to Sharpton be about his hunger strike? Please comment below.  

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