EXPOSED: The Secret Reason Liberals Want To Disarm Women!

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Conservative radio and television personality Dana Loesch argued that recent attempts by Democrats to capitalize on the Orlando terrorist attack by implementing further gun control is simply an attempt to disarm women from their right to protect themselves.

Appearing on “The Kelly File”, Loesch battled Democrat strategist Nomiki Konst over gun control.

Konst said liberal attempts to shut down the Second Amendment are “not about ‘giving us your gun,'” but simply about expanding background checks.

Loesch quickly dove in and replied simply, “Yes it is.”

Loesch would add that the media and liberals have been demonizing the AR-15, a weapon that has falsely been associated with the Orlando shooting.

“This is a war on women because the AR-15 is the most popular weapon with women,” Loesch charged.

Watch the exchange below …

Via Mediaite:

Loesch, a conservative gun rights activist and author of Hands Off My Gun, and Nomiki Konst were summoned to weigh in on the debate over whether there was any sense at all to gun-free zones. Konst argued that the proverbial “good guy with a gun,” if not adequately trained, was actually a liability in mass shooting situations.

Konst said “it’s not about ‘giving us your gun,’” using Megyn Kelly’s phrase, “it’s about expanded background checks –”

“Yes it is,” Loesch interrupted.

“No, it’s not, Dana. No one’s saying –” and the conversation devolved into incoherence from there.

When Kelly asked Loesch why the AR-15 — a popular semi-automatic rifle widely discussed in the wake of the Orlando attack — needed to be in civilian hands, Loesch countered that, “This is a war on women because the AR-15 is the most popular weapon with women.”

Loesch has for years defended the Second Amendment explaining it is vital for women to be able to defend themselves.

In 2013, she wrote:

I’m a mother. I’m 125 pounds. While I’ve taken several disciplines of defensive techniques, if a large man was to break into my home with the intent to turn me and my children into a statistic, I’d have little chance fighting back without a firearm.

Democrats however, don’t see it that way.

They don’t want women to have guns because they may actually shoot someone in self-defense when they really weren’t trying to rape them. Yes, a Democrat lawmaker did actually say that.

Then there’s the Democrat politician who suggested women fight back by using ballpoint pens. Or his colleague who suggested that if a woman is being threatened with rape, instead of using a gun she should try judo or ‘the buddy system.’

Anti-gun Democrats really do live in an alternate reality, don’t they?

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